Monday, 7 December 2015

Why I Waved Bye to Whey

It's coming up to my 3rd year that I've been properly into fitness and it's fair to say my body has changed a huge amount, I've gone from a cardio bunny to a bulking curry (it rhymed, I didn't literally turn into a Korma) and round and round in circles.
When I first started I jumped on the protein hype, the boys did it so why can't I. High protein diets had started coming onto the scene and I took it as my diet pill, holding protein shakes responsible for every inch of weight loss and every centimetre of muscle. 
Believing the spots on my face were hormonal and the spots on my back were down to sweat. I tried everything to get rid including a trip to the Doc, yet nothing worked. 
I was bloated and every time I drank my trusty shake I felt heavy and overly full, but that was simply because the protein is meant to fill me up right? Over time, I couldn't stomach a shake before the gym and if I had one to close to bed my moaning gut would keep me up all night... but that's just my body adapting surely?

A friend had recommended stopping the protein shakes as it really helped her but it felt like I was addicted to it. 
Convinced that any muscle I had would flake away and I would end up as a blob of unlean fatness laying on the floor crying out for a protein shake. I was convinced that those nourishing foods like spinach, chicken and broccoli would never give me the amount of protein I needed. I decided to switch to soy protein...which only made my spots worse.

It was only when I stopped the gym for a few weeks, that I cut protein competely as I felt my body didn't need it as much if I wasn't training.
Surprisingly, I lost weight... but it was muscle mass that I had lost. My skin started clearing up (which I assumed would have been from the week in the sun I had a few weeks before), my bloating gone down and my gut let me sleep at night. 

I moved out and got back in the gym and, of course, added my whey protein back in. 1 hour it took... one whole hour before my stomach and gut was churning, I was left feeling heavy and lethargic. The spots? That took 1 day.. the mountains were back & the blocked pores came for a long holiday. That's when I knew shakes were a goner.

I'm now the leanest I've ever been, no spots at all on my back and my face has really cleared up all without the use of protein shakes. So, it turns out that matey clucking around the garden can give you enough protein after all and my trusty shake isn't so great for my body.

I'm not saying this is what happens to everyone as there are thousands out there that love whey and it really compliments their diet helping them lose weight, get leaner & help gain muscle. Adding suppliments is always worth a go, but if you have any side effects it's best to stop and not keep ploughing through like I did... I can't even touch anything with the slightest bit of whey protein now else my stomach flares up.

You can see other common whey protein side effects here.


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Choosing happiness

As I sit here watching Hungry for change on Netflix, it's quite clear that after being back in the gym I've got my buzz for nutrition back. I've found myself back on Women's Health website everyday and re-reading last months issue. Although the food and fitness facts interested me, a few days ago there was one article online that I loved.


Drew Barrymore has said that it's taken her 20 years to realise you chose to be happy?
The more I thought about it the more I realised the truth behind it.

I feel like most Brits, me included, can be so negative about everything. 
Work is rubbish, your house a mess, school is boring and your friends bitchy. 

Do you know what I found interesting when I asked a few people about choosing happiness, I simply got responses that resembled the fact they have nothing to be happy about? 
Yeah, I can actually feel where they are coming from, last year I felt the exact same I moaned about everything and hated everyone, I was honestly miserable. I channelled all my energy into the gym as that felt like my only escape.

However, I noticed what was making me unhappy and it was a challenge but I eventually elimated them. 
Now, I can honestly say I'm happy. 
I thought it was just 'because' like, you are happy just 'because' but actually you do choose to be happy and that's exactly what I've been doing, without even realising it. 
If I feel fat and slobby, I head to the gym. If I want a hug from my mum, I go home. I choose to wake up and be happy.
Everything I do is a choice.

So, I challenge you, even if you are doing Stoptober or another challenge that you join me this October to try to choose to be happy because I guarantee it will be the happiest challenge you do.

So, here's to the second year at uni, your great job, family and friends.

Become mindful in everything you do and make the best out of every situation.

photography: Mille Bennett


Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Week after a Festival

Grouchy, tired, bloated and miserable... I was suffering from the festival comedown. I had drank so much and eaten more than ever, I'm sure at one point I was eating a bag of popcorn in record time. Bingeing has always been a problem of mine, when I'm having a weekend away or off training, all food morals and everything I've learnt over the past two years go out of the window, which is something I'm trying to work on and this weekend I failed miserably. However, I'm trying to do the whole 'lets not beat yourself up, move on from it', but how exactly am I going to move on from it and bounce back from the festival comedown?


Water, water, water... oh, did I mention water? The genius stuff of H2o will give your body everything it's craving, hydration. Late nights, endless amounts of alcohol, the sun and salty junk food leaves your body gagging for water. 

Herbal teas. The gods. Packed with antioxidants and many with anti-inflammatory properties, fill yourself up on these beauties to nourish your body again. Psst, you might benefit from the added caffeine when you're back to work. 

Smoothiessssss. Wow, when I drink my green juice, I literally feel like I'm drinking the word 'healthy'. Packed full with anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals we've all avoided over the weekend. Psst, always make them yourself or go to a smoothie bar, you know how to avoid added sugar that way.

AVOID hair of the dog and put that Bloody Mary down! All it does to you is add the toxins back to your liver which stops the hangover feeling.


.... like our ancestors. It's quite odd, but I have a bit of an obsession with trying to eat like a caveman. My theory is, we wouldn't be here today without them, so they must have been doing some right?
Fruit and Veg are always going to be up there to make you feel better, like smoothies they are full with complete goodness. Choose fruit when you're craving sugar which you're likely going to do - simple carbs (flour), sweets and alcohol all turn into sugar when entering your body and as a drug itself it will just leaving you wanting more.
Oh and get probiotics down you... you're gut will thank you.


I bloody love exercise anyway and always feel a bit lost when after 4 days I haven't done any (apart from the press up challenge I got given after a few too many).
From all the excess carbs, fasted cardio was the way forward and as someone that builds muscle quickly I avoid weight training for a few days and up the cardio. 5k fasted run and I felt fine, wasn't slacking or anything - I'm guessing that's my body using up all the carbs I used?


Early nights, early rises. Get to bed early and getting in 9 hours is essential when we've been living off 3 hours sleep a night on a floor in a wet tent with other drunk, smelly people. 


Getting back to normality is essential, trying to stay in a routine and preparing your meals will give you something to focus on - oh and don't forget to add all your pictures to Facebook, avoid the dodgy album names, 'house every weekend' is unacceptable but ensure to tag every single person in all the pictures so it's on everyone's newsfeed for a good couple of days while you're getting over the fact you're not there anymore - because why should you be the only one feeling shit right?


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Torbay Half

2 hours 4 minutes, 17 minutes slower than Plymouth's but with slight added baggage. 
Minnie Mouse ran 13.2miles for a very special boy, Joseph. 

Being a regular sufferer of shin splints, I wasn't overly surprised when I got them quite a bit through training but suffering with them with 6 days to go, certainly wasn't my plan. I had no option but to take some time out. 
Taking a week off really worried me, I knew it was helping my skins but certainly not for preparing my muscles. My body is used to being in the gym 6 days a week and I had taken 3/4 days off with 13 miles to run on the Sunday, I was bored, my body confused and hitting panic mode.
Saturday, at work, I felt unprepared and lazy and it wasn't until actual race day that I was hyped for it. 

Sunday, 6:30 am, Minnie was ready to smash it.

It didn't take long after we arrived for the looks to start and the Newspaper's to start approaching simply because why the heck was Minie Mouse in Paignton?

I had hoped for rain all week and it was only when my wish came true as soon as the gun went off, I truly thought I could do it. In so many layers, the rain cooled my burning body down.
By the second lap, the rain had stopped, I had lost one of my sport gels, the hills started to annoy me and my Spotify was playing up, I started to hate what I was doing. It was only when a lovely guy started running with me and we got chatting about why were both doing this. An inspirational bloke, 30 years of half marathons running to build more private rooms for young adults in Derriford hospital. Telling me about his lovely wife, her support and how we had been stuck in bed with sickness all week, took the hills off my mind and gave me that motivation I needed. He had been sick all week and was still here racing.
He was like my little guardian angel that day, I eventually ran on past him and when I reached the hills on the way back, guess who was right behind me. With a 'Do it for Joseph' and a smile, we both ran on. 
An absolute gem that really helped me when it got tough. 

I mustn't forget the lovely crowds and children cheering Minnie on and asking where Mickey was - I told them Mickey was at home and that us girls simply do it better. 

The highlight was 100% pushing Joseph in his wheelchair over the finishing line, we will forget the fact I nearly crashed into the barrier, but you can see the finish line video on my Facebook - Vous L'avez.

The panic and freaking out about rest days were totally not needed and sounds strange but when I crossed the finish line I thought 'oh shit I'm done! That was quick' ... So The Great West Run in October is a must I think... and maybe London Marathon when I turn 21?

Thank you to everyone that donated to ClIC Sargent and supported me - you absolute legends.



Monday, 22 June 2015

This weather though...

How incredible is this weather? How nice is it to sit in the sun all day now I've finished uni? I wouldn't know. I have been non-stop working just to try and make up for the ridiculous amounts of money I spent on my mad few weeks. Do you know what's worse? On my mad few weeks, I brought a £40 shirt dress. I shouldn't have done and to make myself feel better I blame Kate [] for telling me she likes it. You see I actually think this is my problem I'm so easily influenced when it comes to things like going out or buying clothes.

'Chlo, shall we go out?'
'Naa I'm staying in'
'Oh come on, let's go out'
'Okay, see you in 10'

I just can't say no. Anyway, I tend to avoid Urban Outfitters simply because if I go in I will buy something and 90% of the time I'm trying to save, but this once, being the silly fool I am, I went in and brought something and do I regret it? NOPE. It's amazing and so bloody functional... I love an item I can wear with so many things - night out, on the beach, with jeans, winter/summer this shirt dress will remain in my wardrobe all year round that's for sure.

Pairing with my vans and a simple jacket to keep it casual and cool but I would not hesitate to squeeze on a pair of massive heels and jewellery for a night out.


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Is Juicing Really All That Great?

Shoot me, go ahead because I'm one of the 1000s guilty of trying every diet out there and yes, I have given the whole 'juicing' craze ago. For me, it was a recipe for disaster, being a massive foody I rebelled and ate everything in my sight within 6 hours of starting and the thing is, it seems I'm not alone. When it comes to juicing it appears there are three types of us around... the detoxer, the snacker and the meal replacer.
We've all jumped onto a bandwagon for a health kick at some point or another and if you haven't then tell me you're secret because I'm a sucker for an advert. The thing is though with all this detox juicing around is it really all that good? I've done some research so you don't have too... thank me later.

It's not a secret that fruit and veggies are packed full with vitamins, minerals and whole bunch of fibre but the problem that has been found with juicing is that simply sucks the juice out of the fruit and veg and leaves the majority of the goodness behind. Say whaaaat? So that juice we all thought was full of vitamins and minerals... erm, well probably isn't. Soz about that.

What's more is that people tend to be scared of a 'veg juice' the thought of glugging down something bright green or even worse, brown, makes many of us gag so why would we put ourselves through it? Well, it's because veggies have a lot fewer calories/carbs/sugar and more protein so all in all are actually better for you and more likely to help you lose weight... if that's your aim of course.
Honestly, that brown stuff isn't all that bad - the more you try something the more your taste buds get used to it. My body has got so used to me trying weird foods, it took a while but now it's now kind of like ' oh christ here she goes, brace yourselves guys' and my tastebuds just deal with it but...if you're throwing up, it's probably best to try a new blend. Try my everyday smoothie here.

The idea that juicing is a great detox is actually flawed. There is no scientific evidence that suggest that juices help with eliminating toxins from the body []. In addition, yes, juicing will help you lose weight fast but how long can you keep that going for? What about your protein intake? What about the minerals you get from eating the whole fruit and veggies instead of just sucking the juice out of them? The sad thing as well is that, if you don't have enough of the stuff and you're constantly hungry,  you could put yourself into starvation mode - the fat storing mode. Damn it.

I'm certainly not trying to tell you no to juices, they are great way to hydrate and a 1000x better alternative to fizzy drinks and squashes but what I am saying is maybe swapped your juicer for a blender. My Nutri bullet is my love, using it every day and the blades blend all the veggies and fruits together keep all the vitamins and minerals you need and is great for a quick snack not necessarily as a meal replacement. Keep an eye out for my Food diary that I will be posting next week to see where smoothies, not juices fit into my diet.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Where's Hodge Gone?

Or more to the point who is she? I'd be lying if I said to you I don't constantly question myself about how and why I've changed in such a short time. This morning, while on my run I was trying to work out how to even start this blog and nothing seemed to fit right. I don't want this post to be the same crap we always hear like 'Oh my god I'm a new person' because I'm not new, I'm still the same girl, but I guess, I am different? Oh, I don't know but hopefully after reading this maybe you could find the answer for me?

Let me take you back 5 weeks ago. Uni deadlines in the horizon, gym constantly in the front of my mind, home from the buzz of London, blogging becoming a chore, my friends at home lurking in the distance and my uni friends more or less nonexistent with my dreams only remaining that of a dream. I guess you could kind of say I felt slightly lost. I wasn't unhappy, but I got caught up in what I felt like I should be doing and trying to carry on life like it was before. I didn't know I could do things alone and I certainly didn't know I could be on my own and for a 19-year-old girl I hated that about myself.

So if I felt like that just a few weeks back how do I explain how I feel now? I'm content, wanting to work hard, wanting to blog, wanting to see friends, wanting to get in the gym and eat well instead of feeling like I had to. Maybe it's the great friends I've made at uni or the fact my old friends and family constantly have my back? Who know's all I can say is in such a short amount of time I'm a lot happier with myself.

So much has changed and I'm still not sure I've thought every decision through properly whether that's going out most nights and destroying my kidneys or eating as much crap food as I can until my body is crying for the gym, but I had fun! What's more, I'm finally leaving mummy and moving in with my favourite Bristolian to the land of Jenners (yes I will be singing the Wurzels every time they speak for a good 2 years and yes, it will still be funny every time I do it). When I move out there are certainly a few things I'll be taking with me all from what I've learnt from my saint of a Stepdad that 100% has played a huge part in who I am today.

Always find the reason WHY you do something and work out how much that means to you.

Be thankful every day for your past - It shaped you now let it motivate you. 

Forgive those that have ever done you wrong - I still struggle with this because I'm stubborn.

You will learn something from every person you speak to - Are they boring when telling a story? Well you've learnt not to tell a story in that way then.

Go it alone. Find things out for yourself - Let Mum and Dad go.

Maybe it's the things I've learnt from him that have got me to be in such a good place? All these questions I'm trying to answer, but maybe I need to stop trying to work it out and keep chasing my dreams instead of sitting on them to find the answer.

But one thing is for certain... The girl that relied on someone's company, a boyfriend and perfection, doesn't need that anymore.

I've got this, all on my own - have you?


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Becky Adlington's Top Tips

Yes, I was one of those hundreds of ladies that went to Befit and yes, seeing Becky Adlington was on the top of my Agenda.
You see, I've always been the sort of girl that's obsessed with celebrities, I want to know how they look the way they do, where they get their clothes from and why on earth I wasn't them. It's only as I've got older that I've learnt that lots of money, personal trainers, stylists and of course the freebies all make them who they are and being in front of the camera all the time who wouldn't want to look all glam 24/7... But this is where my love for Beccy came from.
From magazines, the Olympics, TV and the jungle, you see a gorgeous, down to earth woman that's super strong, determined and successful - all of what I aim to be.
So as you can imagine I was really interested to see whether that this lovely Beccy we see around us, is just as lovely in real life... and HELL yeah she is. It made me love her even more, she's an Olympic gold medalist and held a world record, yet is so humble and sweet. From listening to her question and answering, I worked out everything she was saying were simply incredible tips us girls can really do with. Here's what I got from the question and answers:

- Pain is weakness leaving the body - her coach always told her this and I bloody love it! It's so true that burn you get in your quads during squats... That's you getting stronger and weakness leaving the body.
- Have a safe to keep naughty foods in - this made me laugh and is something I definitely need! Beccy and her husband Harry have a safe full of chocolate, he keeps hold of the key so she has to ask permission if she wants some.
- Constantly have a goal - Beccy was saying that as long as she has a goal she will stay focused and motivated. She had her wedding as a goal, and after the baby she has her friends wedding which she will use as a goal to make sure she feels comfortable in a dress.
- Find out what you want to do and take it seriously - When she went to the common wealth games at a young age that was when she knew she wanted to be at the Olympics. She explained that when she knew swimming wasn't just a hobbies for her that her whole attitude changed and it became her life. She wanted to achieve.
- It's a good thing to be nervous - it shows you care about what you're about to do,
- Know your body and listen to it - this is one I'm slowly beginning to have under control. Beccy explained that she normally just swims through being tired and having a cold but while being pregnant she has to calm down slightly as it isn't just her she's looking after now. At the age of 15 she developed glandular fever, it took her out of training for weeks but this was where she really had to learn to know her body.
- Women should be seen just as successful as men, it's not all about their looks - Beccy spoke about her love for going into schools and showing children her medals, she thinks this is really important that all athletes do this to teach children from a young age that sport is for women too.
- My favourite question that got asked was that if she could go back in time what would she tell herself?
' don't take everyone's opinions on board. Listen to your parents and those that matter to you, that love you and things like that. Don't take to heart people's opinions and to listen to my heart, what I like and what I don't like and let myself come into my own a bit more.'
Amazing answer and something I will always keep reminding myself of this.


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Torbay Half Marathon

After running the plymouth half last year for cancer research, this year i'm taking on Torbay's half for a very special little boy... hoping to beat my personal best too! 
6 year old, twin Joseph has recently been diagnosed with leukaemia. 

For him and his family it's an incredibly difficult time, with him currently being treated in Bristol and facing 3 years of chemo. He is ridiculously strong, brave and always smiling. 
So, this year i'm raising money for the children's Cancer Leukaemia Group. The money donated to this page will go straight to them. Alternatively, I will be raising money for Joseph and his family to enjoy a great day out and this will be via cash or direct debit. 
Any money would be hugely greatful to support Joseph, his family and other families and children in a similar position. 
Joseph faces a difficult road ahead of him but with our help we can make it that little bit easier - i've even given him, his twin brother and his sister the choice on what I wear on race day - GOD HELP ME!
Through Virgin Money Giving, you can sponsor me and donations will be quickly processed and passed to charities. Virgin Money Giving is a not for profit organisation and will claim gift aid on a charity's behalf where the donor is eligible for this. I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.

Thank you


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Protein Pancakes

I'm not a machine or like some of those into fitness that can go a whole year without carbs or cravings. I'm a sucker for a pancake and eating them guilt free is my ultimate dream.
Sometimes at breakfast after fasted cardio to fuel my body I treat myself to protein pancakes. Tasting incredible and so easy to make, if you get the chance you have to try these.


/ 1 Scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein Powder
/ 30g of porridge oats
/ splash of almond milk
/ 1 egg

/ 1 banana


/ Blend everything together in a nutri-bullet or a blender until smooth
/ Add some coconut oil into a pan and fry off your pancakes.
/ Stack them up, add some honey and some berries if you wish
/ Enjoy

Top image: moreguefile

Monday, 13 April 2015

Setting Goals

I've always found in order to tay motivated the best way is set goals, whether that's daily, weekly or even yearly or even 'summer's coming'.

'Summer's comming' makes me laugh so much, I'm guilty of it too, suddenly the fact that summer is coming we all go out and try and complete a marathon in hope we'll feel comfortable in our bikini and then we are gutted that is doesn't work. 

It's so important to make realistic goals. Instead of weight loss goals which are sometimes disheartening, a fitness goal may be better - why not try aim to run 5k in one month? 
By trying to complete this you'll have to go out and train, meaning you'll exercise more which will help burn fat and calories. Match that with eating clean and it will fall off. 

My goals are slightly different this year, last year 'get skinny'... this year from being more educated on everything it's slightly more specific. 

- Be more flexible.

 Running and being in the gym constantly and being guilty of not paying lots of attention to stretching, I'm as flexible steel... well not quite but you know. So i'm going to focus a lot more on stretching and trying yoga.

- Get as many vital nutrients I can.

 Regular readers will know that I'm a sucker for a veg smoothie and when Nutri-advanced got in contact with me asking to try out some products I was so excited. Multi-vitamins and a superfood powder are 100% helping me. Taking my mulit-vitamin with a pit of water as soon as I wake up and adding a scoop of super food powder to my smoothie, i'm all vitamin'd up!

- Maintain energy and don't crash. 

Again nutri-advanced sent me a great product for energy, high in essentials vitamins and nutrients getting up at 6 o'clock for my morning run or getting through my 4 o'clock slump has become a whole lot easier after i've had one these.

- Stop bingeing 

My biggest down fall is a binge. A cheat day can turn into calories consumed for what should be a week... i'm talking not just the one chocolate bar but 6.... not even exaggerating... honestly. I need to find the happy medium, I was glad I managed to keep my bingeing under control yesterday. After a 10k charity run I came home to a lovely roast, I would normally binge so much I have to role into bed but I DIDN'T ... can I hear WOOP WOOP?

You can buy the products I'm using @


Friday, 13 March 2015

Changing perspective

For my close friends and family, they new this blog was coming eventually. For those of you that only see me through Vous Lavez, youll have no idea. You see I come across this ultra confident, get up and go, determined girl and although on a good day I am, when I have bad days I find it really hard to only keep them as a bad day. My bad days seem to last quite a while, by that I mean, weeks. 
If I have a rocky day it seems to take a while to pick myself up again to carry on because Im a worrier, a huge worrier. 

I worry about everything, whether Im doing the right exercise, enough exercise, whether my uni work is ok, whether ive done over 10,000 steps a day, whether Im blogging enough good content BLA BLBLA

I know, it bores me too and worries me oh Christ, yes as my dad and step mum say I worry about worrying. 

Anyway, so after a few weeks of being extremely naughty when it came to food and non motivated I sat down with my stepdad, who told me to work out why I do the things I do, to go back to the route of everything. Honestly, some of the best advice I have ever received. I sat down and thought why do I exercise? Why do I blog? Why do I eat healthy? Why am I at uni? The answers:

I exercise because I feel amazing during and after it, I feel powerful and strong and being a huge lover of change, when I see my body change it makes me want to keep going. 

I blog, because when I was first starting out had no one to help. I was all by myself and actually I just wanted someone to give me ideas that A) arent trying to get money out it B) isnt a complete body building machine.

I eat healthy to fuel my body for my workouts and eating healthy makes me feel so much better.

I go to uni to gain a degree in something Im interested in, in hope that will it set me up for a great career.

Simply by working out why I do the things I do, I was suddenly ready to start again, I had put myself back in the position of when I was in my best shape and when was my most motivated.

So, Tuesday morning I got up with the pledge to get back on track so far, so good, diet is good and Im training as much as I can in my circumstances (home late and no gym), which makes me mega excited to get home to crack on with a 6 week challenge (more on this to come). I start to worry (pahaa, ironic) about whether my motivation will drop. So I did a few things to help me:

Made a calendar for when I what I will do each day regarding both fitness and exercise for the rest of the month.

Wrote down everything I wanted to change and achieve (Exeters half marathon being one)

Tried on lovely clothes on Oxford St, being unsatisfied in what I looked in them and how they fitted, simply gave me the motivation to get back. Also, noting what Im going to buy as a treat when Ive achieved my goals.

Progress pictures. EwThe devils.

Write a blog telling you guys about it, studies show if you tell people about your goals youre more likely to do them.

Stay tuned for more on my journey, workouts and recipes.


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Staying healthy in London

I don’t know how those of you that do 8 hour days do it, it's exhausting, I think I might stay a student my whole life. Actually to be fair to me, there isn't many devoner’s (where I live) that have to commute and hour each way just to get to where they need to be! *insert some sarcastic comment from some smart pants*

I was really worrying that I wouldn’t keep up my fitness and healthy eating and turn into a slob - these are the sort of worries I have in life and I feel sorry for those of you that are missing out on this worry, it is one of the better worries to have.

Anyway, yeah, so I was really worried, with the long hours I was sure my body would start craving the crap and just want to sit around and do nothing…


Don’t ask me why, I dont know the real answer but I haven’t craved any crap and apart from a few weekend carbs and choc, my diet has been incredible, the best in a while. Shopping in Itsu or M&S for my lunch which include healthy salads with wholegrains and chicken has been great. BUT...even when i’m that starving and my stomach is eating it’s gut… I just don't want the crap- amazing!

So, I buy my lunch out, but my snacks I take with me my usual diet is:

7:00: Scrambled egg or Oats
10:00: Fruit and Veg smoothie made fresh from the Nutribullet
1:30: Chicken Salad, or some kind of salad
4:00: Nuts/carrots
6:00: Rest of my nuts/carrots
8:00: Light dinner

As per usual exercise has stayed the front of my mind - must.keep.improving.

Although, I wont be toning due to lack of the gym, cardio wise and trying to keep on top of things is relatively easy. Every morning I get up at 6 (normally 6:30) and do a quick fasted jog a small set of circuits, this has ranged from lunges to push ups and crunches to planks. I don't normally get home till 8:15pm so it's normally eat and then bed, however, I have tried to squeeze in some abs before bed.

Instead of the tube, partly because I need to save money, I walk from Victoria to 33 Broadwick Street (the office) and back again every day, 1.8 miles each way - I even ran to the station Wednesday night just to get the earlier train. So, that, plus my exercise Im hoping I'm flying.

Here’s a tip for you office workers (if you work above ground floor that is) - take the stairs not the lift and take two steps at a time, clenching your bootay as you go. - simple glute workout.

Now, I know I said I didn't know why, and to be honest I don't BUT I do have some little tiny inckling on why i'm staying healthy:

A) You can’t really eat a mcdonalds and a dairy milk while working for a health magazine
B) Everyone else in the office is healthy and I'm already the newbie i don't want anymore attention on myself.
C) London is so easy to find places that super healthy, yummy dishes. 
D) Summer's on my mind

If this healthiness lasts is another thing but I'm proud of myself so far.

Check out what i'm wearing on my early morning runs too - the new SS15 Helly Hansen collection is perfect for layering in the cold morning but also lightweight for the summer and in the gym. I've been wearing it all for my 6am runs and then just the vest top and bottoms for my evening circuit training.

Shop here:



Training trousers

How are you guys getting on?

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