Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Thoughts / August

I feel like I say this every single month but can someone tell me where the hell summer has gone? I honestly can't believe we are going into Autumn, I even started my winter gym-wear clothing shop last week. I can't decide if I'm sad or slightly excited for Autumn this year. I'm a sit on the bench kind of person, I know I'm definitely one of those people that when it's summer I look forward to winter & when it's winter I look forward to summer BUT I also get really down in the winter (some say I'm miserable all year round but whateverrrr)

Olympics /

What an incredible year for team GB, I honestly couldn't be more proud to be British than this Olympic games. However, one thing that baffles me, money has clearly been chucked at these sports which is amazing & we've done so well at sport... yet why as a nation are we all still obese? Maybe we should be doing more to get us all moving!

Stella McCartney X Adidas / 

ohhhh ma gad. Can we just stop and have a moment for the new collection of Stella McCartney X Adidas collection - it's bloody gorg & these trainers are 'going straight in my basket. 

Nutrition & HIV link / 

It is said in a recent article that the battle with good nutrition in communities is as big as the HIV battle 15 years a go. The article was based on those in developing countries, however, I'd argue that the nutrition problem in developed countries is a huge issue too - obesity & processed foods are something I often think is never going to be solved

T-plus Teas / 

The yummiest tea you're likely to ever consume. If you want a sweet tasting tea these are definitely for you & with added vitamins along with the green tea you're going to be feeling strong & detoxed in no time. Grab yours here today... 

Making Decisions / 

I wasn't going to put this in here as I wanted to read the full book then tell you how I've applied it HOWEVER  I couldn't resisit. I'm currently reading 'Awaken the Giant Within'. In one part of the book it talks about making decisions and sticking to them & once you've made the decision you should follow through with it to succeed.
My decisions:

1) Find a good balance with food while still achieving my goals
2) Don't binge eat - eat in moderation
3) Get the fittest & strongest I can be through effective training & good nutrition

If you had to make some decisions now, what would they be?

Chlo xxx

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Holland & Barrett Haul / Video

Snacker? Sugar addiction on point? Me too... so here's my health food taste test & haul! It might just be what you sugar addicts need to see!

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment on the video & please like and subscribe for me because i'm only a newbie!

love chlo xxx

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Recipe / Healthy Brownies

Now if you follow me on Instagram (@chlohodgkinson) you would have seen these brownies crop up a few times & honestly they are my favourite healthy treat ever! *note I say healthy treat, nothing beats cake*

Now before I go on to the recipe please note that i'm a 'chuck it all in & hope for the best' kind of girl. I don't use scales & I honestly do just hope for the best... however, these always work out really well!

Ingredients / 

- Xylitol Sweetner  (add sugar if you want unhealthy, but this is the best sweetner that tastes closest to sugar. Other options include coconut sugar)

- 1/2 scoop Protein ( I used pea protein as my body doesn't agree with whey)

- Linseeds

- Desiccated Coconut (majority of the mix should be coconut)

- Chia Seeds

- Lucy Bee's Cacao Powder

- Lucy Bee's Coconut oil 

- Drop of Almond Milk


The very experimental process / 

- Mix together the linseeds, chia seeds & desiccated coconut (ratio of roughly 30:20:50) & the sweetener

- In a pan melt down 3 tbl spoons of coconut oil, once melted, mix in 2 large tbl spoons of cacao powder.

TOP TIP - if you don't have cacao powder, dark chocolate works perfectly! Just reduce the amount of coconut oil & opt for 90% dark chocolate if you can

- Poor into the dry mixture and stir well. Add in the protein & the splash of milk.

*The texture should be moist yet easy to mould around a baking tin - if not play around with the mixture*

TOP TIP - Start off with a small amount of ingredients and you can the add more for sweetness or consistency.

- Put the mixture into a tin & then leave the mixture to harden.

- Once hardened, smooth some peanut butter on the top



I mean you've got to laugh really at those appalling directions! 
BUT I got asked how I make them & I don't want to lie and pretend i'm a glamorous cook because I definitely am not! So there is my appalling attempt at directing you through these incredible brownies.

Enjoy & please tag me on Instagram if you try them out - i'd love to see your creations!

lol, recipe fail

Love Chlo xxx


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Top Tips / Prepping

Food prep the bain of some people's lifes but the key to stay healthy. It's so under rated and can really help you stay on track for your health goals. Here are my top tips: 

Tupperware is my life / 

If you're joining the life of prep, be prepared [lol] to embrace tupperware and welcome it into your life with open hands. I would recommend getting a variety of sizes this allows you to take different snacks in different pots. I have a 'lunch bag' to fit all my tupperare in to stop it all moving about.

Totes are totes amaze / 

Tote bag have become my pride & joy. Lightweight and spacious I carry all my food in one of those. you can buy them so cheap now with loads of different designs that one can always match your outfit!

Cook meals you can freeze / 

The great thing about things like chilli is you can cook a huge batch and then freeze the rest for later in the week. Mince doesn't take long to cook & when all you have to do is defrost it you've got a healthy meal in minutes - add some veggies with it for extra nutrition.

Schedule it in your day /

Actively making time to cook, for me, is essential to make sure i'm prepped. It's the first thing I do after breakfast on my day off.

Make extra at Dinner / 

Make double of your dinner portion for your lunch the next day. Save washing up & chuck it in a tupperware box ready for the next day.

Don't forget cutlery / 

If you're out and about for the day this is key. I've been caught countless times on trains and benches without a fork when I go to eat my chicken while on the move. 

Buy in bulk for cheaper alternative /

Amazon is great for buying nuts in bulk. It works out so much cheaper in the long run - just don't be tempted to over eat.

Have a plan / 

Planning your meals & what you're going to need when is key. Out from 8am - 8pm? That's 2/3 snacks & 2 dinners - once you've planned you're ready to prep.

let me know how you get on

Chlo xx

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Life / What I Eat In a Day

I've been meaning to do one of these for ages & didn't know the best way to go about it. So, I thought I'd share what I normally eat on a daily basis. This is based on what works for me, some may say I eat too much of a certain thing, other days I don't eat enough. Everyone is different & please note this is not every day! I eat crap too but Monday - Friday this is what it tends to look like... can you tell i'm a creature of habit & love routine ha!
So as I've been asked to do this quite a few times... here goes:

Breakfast / 
[always eggs]

/ Scrambled egg & smoked salmon
/ Scrambled egg [add tomatoes, onion and mushrooms]
/ Eggs & bacon [fat cut off, sometimes add mushsrooms]

Coffee & at least 1L of water

If I have time: Green Smoothie [spinach, lemon, lime, kiwii]

Mid Morning / 
usually 11:45am

/ Chicken & Salad [add feta for fats]
/ Chicken & Veg
/ Small portion of mince
/ Rice cakes with peanut butter
/ Protein shake [rarely]

I would have drank 2L of water by now

Lunch / 
usually 2:30-3pm

/ Chicken & Salad [add feta for fats]
/ Chicken & Veg
/ Small portion of mince with veg

Mid-afternoon / 
Usually, pre workout

/ Spoonful of Peanut butter 
/ Pick fruit from the fridge [strawberries, berries, grapes]

*because I eat lunch around 3 this is all I normally need*

Dinner / 
This varies

/ Lean mince burgers with salad
/ Chicken & veg stir fried
 / Chicken & salad [add feta]
Any of the lean in 15 recipes  - I'm a huge body coach fan

Before Bed / 

/ Dark chocolate & peanut butter
/ Peanut Butter & rice cake

With meals I tend to add feta or halloumi cheese to increase my fats.

What do you eat?

Chlo xxx


Saturday, 6 August 2016

My Life / Choices

'Choose what you love rather than what you desire'

Oh man what a crazy month. With two incredible holidays & a promotion at my work, I should be jumping with joy! I've got extra money and a great tan, however, I feel nothing but deflated & stressed.
The 40 hour weeks & extremely late finishes at my job in a local pub have started to take it's toll & for the first time ever, I understand how easy it is for people to stop working towards their goals. 

Although these hours are only until I go back to uni, I've found myself, along side my healthy pay check exhausting myself trying to keep up my training, craving unhealthy foods and allowing my university and blog work to slack. I look back at when this blog was doing it's best & I was really focused on my work - I loved getting up every morning & found myself excited to work. Now, it's more of dragging myself from one place or another with a side order of weekly breakdowns and if I find time to blog then shit me that's incredible. I've found myself understanding what it's like to live a life you're not passionate about & it's made me want to work my little butt off to get there.

I've lost my spark and more importantly time to dedicate to my work. I'm now felt like I'm left with the choice of choosing what I love [blog & uni work] or choosing what I desire [money].

Have you ever been in this position? What would you do?

Chlo xxx
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