Saturday, 6 August 2016

My Life / Choices

'Choose what you love rather than what you desire'

Oh man what a crazy month. With two incredible holidays & a promotion at my work, I should be jumping with joy! I've got extra money and a great tan, however, I feel nothing but deflated & stressed.
The 40 hour weeks & extremely late finishes at my job in a local pub have started to take it's toll & for the first time ever, I understand how easy it is for people to stop working towards their goals. 

Although these hours are only until I go back to uni, I've found myself, along side my healthy pay check exhausting myself trying to keep up my training, craving unhealthy foods and allowing my university and blog work to slack. I look back at when this blog was doing it's best & I was really focused on my work - I loved getting up every morning & found myself excited to work. Now, it's more of dragging myself from one place or another with a side order of weekly breakdowns and if I find time to blog then shit me that's incredible. I've found myself understanding what it's like to live a life you're not passionate about & it's made me want to work my little butt off to get there.

I've lost my spark and more importantly time to dedicate to my work. I'm now felt like I'm left with the choice of choosing what I love [blog & uni work] or choosing what I desire [money].

Have you ever been in this position? What would you do?

Chlo xxx
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