Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My Life / What I Eat In a Day

I've been meaning to do one of these for ages & didn't know the best way to go about it. So, I thought I'd share what I normally eat on a daily basis. This is based on what works for me, some may say I eat too much of a certain thing, other days I don't eat enough. Everyone is different & please note this is not every day! I eat crap too but Monday - Friday this is what it tends to look like... can you tell i'm a creature of habit & love routine ha!
So as I've been asked to do this quite a few times... here goes:

Breakfast / 
[always eggs]

/ Scrambled egg & smoked salmon
/ Scrambled egg [add tomatoes, onion and mushrooms]
/ Eggs & bacon [fat cut off, sometimes add mushsrooms]

Coffee & at least 1L of water

If I have time: Green Smoothie [spinach, lemon, lime, kiwii]

Mid Morning / 
usually 11:45am

/ Chicken & Salad [add feta for fats]
/ Chicken & Veg
/ Small portion of mince
/ Rice cakes with peanut butter
/ Protein shake [rarely]

I would have drank 2L of water by now

Lunch / 
usually 2:30-3pm

/ Chicken & Salad [add feta for fats]
/ Chicken & Veg
/ Small portion of mince with veg

Mid-afternoon / 
Usually, pre workout

/ Spoonful of Peanut butter 
/ Pick fruit from the fridge [strawberries, berries, grapes]

*because I eat lunch around 3 this is all I normally need*

Dinner / 
This varies

/ Lean mince burgers with salad
/ Chicken & veg stir fried
 / Chicken & salad [add feta]
Any of the lean in 15 recipes  - I'm a huge body coach fan

Before Bed / 

/ Dark chocolate & peanut butter
/ Peanut Butter & rice cake

With meals I tend to add feta or halloumi cheese to increase my fats.

What do you eat?

Chlo xxx

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