Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Recipe / Guilt Free Cake?

Guilt free cake?! What! Yep, you heard me, well kinda. It depends what you think of guilt free.
This cake contains high fats but is low carbs & sugar free... can I hear a woop woop? *woop woop* (thanks guys)

I made this cake on the Friday & by the Monday is was completely gone, that's probably because it fell over a cheat day & I was a complete piggy.
I try not to make too many 'guilt free' treats because they are not going to get you lean, they are still in fact a treat, so should be still be treated as a treat.. moderation is key but this is definitely better for you than that double choc fudge cake from down the bakery.

Ingredients /

1 cup almond flour
1/2 cup coconut flour
4 eggs
1/2 cup sweetener
tbsp baking soda
1/4 cup melted butter
1/2 cup cacao

- filling & topping (as much as you like)

peanut butter
dark chocolate (leave some for drizzling & decoration)
coconut oil

Method /

/ Put all of the dry mix into a bowl, add the eggs & butter and mix well until combined.
/ Pour the mix into 2 tins & put in the over for 20 minutes - keep checking it's not burning as this sometimes cook quick.

/ Once cooked take out & leave to cool.
/ Melt the dark chocolate and coconut oil in a pan (using the above boiling water method is best)
/ Once the cake is cool, add the peanut butter to one side & the chocolate filling to the other side.
/ Put the cake together & cover with the rest of the chocolate filling.
/ Pop in the fridge to set & then drizzle over some melted dark chocolate & add dark chocolate chunks for decoration.

I'd love to see you guys trying out these recipes - show them off using the hashtag #ChloeCantCookRecipe - let me know how you get on!

Love Chlo xxx

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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Confessions of a Fitness Blogger / #9

I'm a Sugar Addict / 

I hate it sooo much. I just love sugar & love all things processed. BUT I only love the taste.
The feeling these foods give me after is horrible, I get bloated, tired, spotty & miserable...but does it stop me? NOPPPEE.

Reading a book 'Awaken the Giant Within' it tells us all about associating certain choices with pain & pleasure. My biggest battle at the moment is although the pain of eating crap is the aftermath, the pleasure I get from it initially is still greater in my mind... OH THE STRRRRRUGGGGLES.

Monday - Friday I tend to be able to curb these sugar cravings because i'm a girl of routine. When i'm in a routine, cravings are at bay. It's when the weekend hits, i'm not working as much & tend to make plans with friends that the cravings hit. I allow myself a cheat meal which leads to me wanting more leading to a sugar binge... life's hard ey.

Anyway that's my confession for this weekend. I have managed so far not to binge on sugar, but yano, it's still early doors. I've got some Diablo, sugar free choc at hand to help me out!

chow for now

chlo xxx

Not bored of me yet? Come say hey!
I'm currently running a #100healthydays on my Instagram, i'd love for you to come have a look - @chlohodgkinson
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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

My Life / 6 Week Challenge

So if you follow me everywhere else it's no secret that i've put myself on a 6 week challenge because what no better way than bracing the warm weather by putting your body through a challenge. This 6 week challenge is to get me the leanest I can be but in the most 'balanced approach' as possible & after vlogging I thought I would go into more detail here & answer some potential questions.


So as some may know I did a 12 week challenge last summer, this was quite an extreme one as I needed to learn a lot. However, this year I want to challenge myself in a different way. Previously it was about getting to be a slim jim, this year is about being balanced while still getting lean.. i'm talking relaxed abs kinda thing... so like I want abs but I want cake yano? This summer I relaxed as I trained hard in the Winter & i've loved every second and do not regret a thing but now I feel like my body is ready to get back into it.


It is important to note hat this challenge is not because I think i'm fat or to become slim in only vein terms. I've struggled with balance for a while now, i'm an all or nothing kinda gal ... eat all da cake or none of da cake. So this 6 week challenge will be mainly focused around creating a balance approach to fitness. Before I have gone full speed into training and cutting carbs and then crashed at weekends. I don't want that, i'm looking to keep my hormones stable while still cutting. You can view my current 'state' over on my vlog, there I have described my current weight & what i'm looking to achieve.
This challenge will also help me refocus on my goals in business & life too. I find i'm my happiest when i'm my healthiest which also leads me to being motivated and achieving my goals - BOOOOM

How? - Nutrition 

Diet is key in any challenge to your fitness. As someone who has previously been scared of carbs [i mean what a pathetic phobia, a foodie thats scared of food] , I will be introducing carbs into my diet after a workout - oats / sweet potato / rice.
I've also been ill on & off this summer with bloating & other things we do nat need to go into!! I will increasing my fruit intake slightly as well as seeds to increase my fibre.
My diet will still be high protein from lean meat & fish as well as consuming healthy fats from fish, nuts and coconut oil - Im even attempting avocado.. check out this confession if you want to know my feelings towards their smooth devil..
Cheat meals WILL definitely be a thing, as said above, it's all about balance. So yes, everything in moderation!

example of food: 

Breakfast: Eggs / Snack: Houmous & carrots / Lunch: Chicken & veg / Snack: banana & nut butter / dinner: Chicken & Veg & rice.

How? -  Exercise

This will mainly be through 20 minutes of HIIT training 5/6 days a week with 2 weighted sessions [one upper & one lower] in the forms of circuit training a week. I will go into more deets about this and share with you some of my workouts - coz like, it's hard to describe ok?
If I have enough time I will plan my workouts so I train twice a day - cardio in the AM, weights in the PM.

Example workout: 

AM - 30:30 Bike HIIT - 20 minutes - 5 min warm up & cool down
PM - Circuits focused on lower body - Glute bridges / stiff leg deadlifts / walking lunges / sumo squats / donkey kick backs


So I started this challenge on Monday 19th September 2016 & my final weigh in day Monday 31st October 2016.

so that's my break down of my 6 week challenge if you have any questions please just ask! 
I can't wait to share with you some workouts & meals that i'll be doing over the next 6 weeks...

love chlo xxx

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I'm currently running a #100healthydays on my Instagram, i'd love for you to come have a look - @chlohodgkinson
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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Vitamin Tea / Fancy a cuppa?

We know we can get vitamins from fruit & veg but what do the vitamins we get really do to us? & do we need more? I'm quite a 'basic b*tch' when it comes to food & I'm not very adventurous so making sure I'm getting enough vitamins is something that concerns me. I've tried taking supplements but I always forget to take them, so when T Plus drinks contacted me about their teas I was so excited about the added vitamins that were in their teas. I don't often write blog posts on one brand as I love to give you guys a variety but it seems to be the first company that offers everything in the form of teas so here's the breakdown:

Need some cleanse / 

Heavy weekend? Or even a heavy year & you're in some desperate need of TLC? Their detox tea holds milk thistle, ginger root & dandelion root which all three are used in China for internal cleansing... I'll take a few pints of that after a heavy weekend. The taste is so amazingly sweet that fixes my sweet tooth in the first sip - the blackcurrant and apple is defo a bit of me. 

Beat the 4pm Slump / 

Yerba Mate & Gerba are your best 'mates' here, they are a natural stimulant so perffeeeect for those of you trying to beat your coffee addiction or for a pre workout - yes, please.

Ready for the Rain / 

With winter just around the corner, T plus's immune is perfect for when we are coming down with cold or flu. So wrap up warm around the fire with this Vitamin C packed hug in a mug!

Multi-Action / 

Our daily hectic lives can often leave us feeling tired and down and lacking in our essential vitamins. The Multi is a fruity mix of body essentials all in one mug - from them to you, you'll be feeling tip top. 

So, do you ya fancy a cuppa or not?

Chlo xxxx

*this is not a paid ad however I was kindly sent these teas & am now a brand ambassador for Tplus drinks

Not bored of me yet? Come say hey!
I'm currently running a #100healthydays on my Instagram, i'd love for you to come have a look - @chlohodgkinson
& I'm over on youtube now! Please come & subscribe

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Top Tips / Keeping Kids Healthy

Tell a little white lie / 

Most kids are reluctant to try new foods so a little white lie may do the trick here. Sweet potato mash looks exactly like mashed up carrots [a more familiar food] - get them to try the food a few times then bring up that it's actually sweet potato!

Introduce new foods as old ones / 

Normally have chips? Swap them for sweet potato fries. They are a complex carb and a lot healthier for you.

Make food from home / 

Cooking from home already slashes the calories and allows you to have control of nutrients and vitamins rather than eating out.

Get the kids involved / 

Get them cooking up their own food. Houmous is a great healthy dip that can be made from home. You may find they enjoy new foods more if they made helped make them.

Be a good role model / 

If you eat healthy nutritious foods they are more likely to try them after seeing you eat them. 

Switch to Pack Lunches / 

Pack lunches allow complete control over what your children eat. Although, we've come far from Jamie Oliver banning turkey twizzlers, the foods are not always the best they can be in schools. 

p.s a study found that mothers-to-be who had 6/7 servings of fruit a day [including juices] had children who were up to second points higher on the IQ scale by the time they hit their first birthday!! [womens health magazine]

how do you keep the children in your life healthy?

chlo xx
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