Thursday, 21 December 2017

5 Ways To a Healthier Christmas

Stay Active / 
It's as simple as that. You don't have to go for hours at the gym a brisk walk is said to have more benefits such helping the brain, mediative qualities and great for digestion if you're overindulging! My youtube has a lots of workouts that you guys can do anywhere but also you can follow my FREE 8 Week Workout Guide over xmas too!
Drink Clear / 
Now yes, part of me does mean stay hydrated with water but I get that aqua is probably not the only thing we will consume this Christmas - the clearer the alcohol tends to be lower in calories and helps with hangovers - swap espresso martinis for vodka, fresh lime and sofa - have a glass of water in between glasses for better hangover points.

Keep your Vitamins and Minerals High
Simply just eating veg and fruit will really help you guys but also eating your veg first is a great way of getting in your fibre before you fill up on starchy carbs. BUT if you're not really a veggie eater you could supplementRead about what I take by clicking here and check out my favourite below:

Stay Mindful/
Here we simply just need to stay mindful of what we are doing and what we are eating. Sitting with a bag of nuts in front of a good film and then suddenly looking down and you've demolished the bag in 10 mins probably isn't the most mindful way. Try to ask yourself before diving in to snacks do you need it? If you simply just want it can you use up the extra energy via activity? Struggle to stay mindful, my favourite ways are below... or Read - de-stressing.

Get Other People Involved /
Most people do use Christmas as a way to do 0 exercise and eat lots. If you're someone that doesn't want the Christmas habits to take over, try get your family all involved by doing activities all together that require movement or baking some treats that are are slightly healthier - Head to my Instagram for more recipes or get the family involved with doing my FREE 8 week workout plan! Another tip with other people is to tell people before they gift you that you are aiming for a healthy Christmas to limit your chocolate gifts - My favourite Healthy Chocolate gifts are below:

Check out my youtube channel for a full gift guide that i'm doing at the moment!

Love Chlo xxx


Saturday, 16 December 2017

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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Top Tips / The Xmas Party

Dance / 
Or just move, work the room but try not to stay in sat down all eve. Dancing is not only said to release endorphins but dancing also helps reduce the amount of over indulging and over eating calories. Read: 5 ways to be more active

Eat Protein before you go /
Protein will not only help keep you fuller for longer but also your sugar levels stable to stop the cravings. If you're having a sit down meal not being ravenous will help you not over eat too - as long as you're listening to your body. Read: 5 ways to get more protein in your diet

Drink White Alcohol /
The whiter spirits tend to be lower in calories - worst? Darker drinks e.g red wine, espresso martini, - not the best? For your gut it will be fizzy - best? Vodka fresh lime and soda - Better? Vodka fresh lime and water (the water hydrates you)

Stay hydrated /
Most hangovers are simply because we are dehydrated. Keep drinking water throughout the evening too and always have a pint before you go to bed, one by the side of your bed and one in the morning *top tip, dioralyte is said to help a hangover too. (when I say pint I mean water yeah? )

Dodge the socialising buffet chats /
Save your chats for closer to a table or dance floor away from any unwanted food. I watch a programme about skinny people which showed an experiment of how when we are distracted we eat more.

Stay mindful /
This one is one I always have to end with. Just be mindful of how you're being. It's a lot easier said than done especially after a few drinks but keep remembering how you could feel tomorrow based on your choices today - are you really hungry? Is it time for some water? Read: How I got my Mindset back on track


Do you guys have any other tips for Christmas parties?

Love Chlo xx

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Top Tips / Alcohol

/ Eat First 
Line your stomach with a balance meal which contain a good source of protein, fats & carbs... my go too? Homemade Chicken Burgers...

1x Gluten Free Roll
1x Chicken Breast Cut in Half Grilled with Spices such as Paprika, Salt & Pepper
10g Cheddar
Salad Leaves
Sauce to finish

Personally i'd always opt for something slightly leaner rather than starchy and heavy on your tummy - Think nutrients because Alcohol is going to play a few tricks on your body you don't need to add more by eating processed food.

/ Skip The Sugary Cocktails

Not only are they mega mega high in calories & sugar, the mix of the alcohol can be a recipe for disaster in your stomach and for your hangover the next day.

/ Stay in the Clear 

 A few experimental studies have found that drinks that are darker in colours result in more severe hangovers - best bet? Vodka & Gins. Worst? Espresso Martini.

/ Stay Hydrated

Seems obvious but alcohol dehydrates us so every now and then popping a class of water to keep your hydrated will be essential for looking after your body and for the hangover the next day - bestest bet? Drink vodka & soda then a glass of water - Next Best? Drink a glass of water after every drink - Not the best but not the worst? - Drink at least a pint when you get in and keep one by your bedside - Worst? Waiting till the morning. 

/ Plan the Drunchies 

Ever get starving after a few bevvies? Tactically plan rather than trying to avoid and then cave. At home prepare some food that will satisfy your cravings after a drink - e.g homemade popcorn

- Add Honey or Sweetener
- Add Himalayan Salt (drink more as salt dehydrates)

Or peanut butter on toast.

Try to avoid the late night trip to the kebab shop, I mean you could even take a healthy energy bar/ball in your bag for the end of the night? *guilty*

/ Prepare for a Hangover

& Prepare for the worst. For me, before I head out I place my ibuprofen, a multi vitamin and a huge bottle of water right by my bed for when I roll in - oh & face wipes. I have been known for this to fail when i've come in after a few too many and fallen straight into bed but hey it works 80% of the time!

/ Mix with Diets

Avoid excess calories by mixing with diet drinks like diet coke or even better soda. I often mix soda with a variety of squashes - never juices because of the acid and extra sugar.

Chlo's Suggested Go toos: 

My Usual / Vodka, Lime & Soda
Better / Vodka & Soda
These are fine but I hates these drinks / Gin & Slim Line, Vodka & Diet Coke.
Meh / Sprintzer of white wine - also water with this one too.
When I don't need to be able to handle my hangover - espresso martini 
Death By Alcohol - A Sugary cocktail mix

What are you go toos?

Chlo xxxx


Thursday, 7 December 2017

5 Tips on Getting Your Micronutrients

/ Eat the Rainbow

Please don't go chasing the rainbow when it next rains as I don't mean literally. What I do mean is eat a variety of coloured veg and fruit because eat colour will provide you with a different micronutrient for your body!

/ Compliment fruit with a fat

Fat helps absorb the nutrients in food but will also help keep sugar levels normal. (See Fat Blog) e.g Apple with Nut Butter

/ Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key for our bodies to be working at optimum try drinking 2-3L of water a day. Top Tip - carry a big bottle around with you... the more you drink, the lighter it gets!

/ Supplements

If you're worried about not getting all your micronutrients you can buy supplements like multivitamins to help your body - I use the ones from Holland & Barrett (full blog coming soon)

/ Keep a Varied Diet

  Keep your diet varied so your body doesn't get used to what it's eating. Our guts need a variety of bacteria which we will get from having a variety of foods so try not to eat things like yoghurt every single day as this could lead to an intolerance - i once heard a saying (sorry can't remember who said it) of something like - 'we aren't what we eat, we are what our body can absorb'.

What are your favourite fruit and veg?

Love Chlo xxx


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Top Tips / Hangovers

 Ahh the dreaded hangover - there is no point trying to pretend that we won't be nursing at least one over the festive season. I'm very much a person about what you do most of the time not just some of the time and i'm definitely not here to tell you not to drink or anything at Christmas. However, if I can share with you guys how I cope with a hangover then i'm hoping it may help you too...

Hydrate /
This is probably the most important one - booze dehydrates us and takes the salts out of our body so replenishing this is vital. If drinking water after every alcoholic drink isn't your game (I'll be seeing if I can do this at my xmas do) then drinking a pint of water before bed and as soon as you wake up if vital. Top Tip** Have a dirahlyteto help replenish salts, I live for these and vitamin supplements like VitStix on a hangover! - use CHLOE20 for a discount on VitStix

Eggs / 
Eggs have amino acids which help break down the toxin from alcohol in them so you can see how these apparently help with a hangover. The protein and fats will help stabilise sugar levels too and adding some wholegrain bread will help restore energy levels.

Banana / 
The sugar and energy wont just leave you feeling perkier but so will the high potassium content.

Pop a Pill /
Slip yourself an ibuprofen before you go to sleep to help with the inflammation caused by the booze.

Sleep it off/
 Sleep for me is one of the biggest things that makes a sore head feel worse. Get in a nap or a longer sleep to help restore your body from a heavy night. Don't miss out on hydration opportunities though ... wake up - water - eat - water - back to bed I say.

Get moving/
Be sensible here, im talking a brisk walk rather than a heavy HIIT session. You want to avoid putting your body under more stress but walking will not only help endorphins but I find helps get everything flowing in the right direction again.

Love Chlo xxx

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Supplements / What I take & Why


I haven't always been a huge supplement taker as I often forget to take them but recently i've been on it and along with increasing my fat and calorie intake while limiting my dairy and grains... touch wood... i'm feeling fab! So I thought i'd share with you guys what i'm taking supplement wise....

Probiotics /

These are to keep my gut happy. If you've been with me for a while then it's not secret that my gut is so unpredictable so to keep things happy and full of good bacteria I pop a probiotic every day - i'm currently using Biokult -buy yours here.

Digestive Enzymes / 

I take this to literally assist my digestion... every little helps!

Vitamin D / 

I've started taking this in the Winter as it is really thought to not only help with mood but also help support my immune system - I use this one.

Vitamin C /

Ahhhh this little delight I believe saves me when working in a gym full of germs. Being around clients who are often ill or around others that are ill this time of year taking vitamin C I believe has really helped my immune system and to fight off any nasties. - I pop a vitamin c and magnesium in a drink in the mornings

Evening Primrose /

After a visit to my naturopath because i'm on the pill, evening primrose was recommended to help with PMS symptoms but also skin problems - I've changed a lot of things recently in my diet so I can't say if this stuff is exactly making big changes but hey! I'm feeling bloody good, so that's a start right?

Lactase enzymes / 

If i'm going to be put in a situation where my food choices and flexibility is limited I pop a lactase enzyme in case I have too much lactose. These babies are incredible if you have an intolerance to lactose as they assist your gut in the digestion of it! It gives me peace of mind that my gut isn't going to go on a crazy flare up if I eat too much dairy that will irritate it! - I use these ones.

*I buy all my supplements from Holland & Barrett.

What do you guys take? Or do you take any at all?

Love Chlo xx


Monday, 27 November 2017

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Happy Christmas 

Chlo xxxxx 
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