Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Truth / Fad Diets

It might be my 21st birthday on Sunday but i'm actually glad we are coming towards the end of Jan. I'm bored of the fad diet adverts & i'm bored of the emails asking me to sell fad diets.... but the reason why I haven't wrote this post sooner is because I strongly feel like i'm in no place to tell someone how to spend their money. However, if you're a fad dieter let me give you a bit of info...

They work / 

They work simply because of maths. The maths behind weight loss is Calories out > Calories in. These fad diet slash your daily calorie allowance... therefore causing weight loss. An example? The Herbal Life 'healthy meal' shakes is only 90 calories!

but does it Forever? / 

No, unless you're happy to live off shakes / ready meals / 5:2 / soup or whatever diet you're on for the rest of your life the diet isn't sustainable. Once you start eating normal food again, it's highly likely you'll put the weight back on. If you can't see yourself doing it forever, don't start.

What about your body adapting? / 

This is important.... if you're on a calorie controlled diet or even a 'soup' type diet. Your body will adapt to the calories you are eating. Your body doesn't care if you want to loose weight, it's job is to keep you alive therefore you will eventually stop loosing weight and hit plateau. My question is what happens when you hit plateau but you're already on crazily low calories?

They are brand trying to make profit / 

These fad diets often come from a big brand who's cleverly seen a market in vulnerable people wanting quick fixes. These products are often mega expensive and are there to make the seller lots of £££. Be thoughtful about the fad diet you're buying into, healthy living & weight loss doesn't need to cost you an arm or leg & doesn't have to be attached to a brand...

No Education / 

By biggest issues with these fad diets is there is no education. The only education seems to be 'do this and you'll get this'. The reason why they won't educate you more will often be because there is no more education for that diet or the education will put you off the diet!!

So what would you advice? / 

- Educate yourself on wholesome foods this not only is cheaper but will not be funding the CEO of a brand that is trying to exploit you.
- If you need a coach, opt for a passionate about health & fitness nutrition coach (cough, me, cough), one that can educate you on food and fitness so you can make choices for yourself
- Personally, i'd stay away from anything that tells you EXACTLY what to eat... (unless you've got an illness/intolerance, then only listen to a dietician!)

Comment below with any thoughts or questions!

Love Chlo xxx


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Weight loss Myths / The truth

Gluten Free Isn't Healthy / 

Firstly, i'm sorry. I'm sorry to tell you this because so many people feel if they go for a gluten free cake they are being healthier than a normal on and it's wrong. You see, gluten free options are for those with a gluten intolerance, it is therefore a 'healthier' option for those with an intolerance due to the cake not playing funny buggers with their stomach and gut...however it doesn't mean it's healthier when it comes to weight loss - a little secret for you (that we need to shout to the world) - gluten free cakes tend to have more sugar in to keep the taste! - more sugar = more calories!

Eat sugar with protein / 

An example: Apple with peanut butter or greek yog with berries! - Basically the protein slows the digestion and absorption of the sugar which stops such a huge spike in insulin - big spike it insulin can lead to fat storage!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day / 

I've looked into research of this & found that research is really floored, based on a multiple different aspects and that there are not any significant findings based on whether breakfast it best, it is, for the eggs, but there is no evidence to suggest you NEED to have it! So if you're not a breakie person, don't sweat it!

Nut butter's great for you / 

Nut butters as marvellous as they are actually contain a lot of calories! A small teaspoon has around 90 calories... DA FK?! - that's a lot, so watch out if you're having peanut butter on toast - measurements are important.

You're not allowed chocolate to lose weight /

& IM NOT HAPPY TO TELL YOU THIS IS WRONG! Now, to loose weight, you need to eating less calories than your putting out. If you know the amount of calories you need and you eat a chocolate bar without going over your calories allowance for that day - you will in fact still loose weight... chocolate bars do tend to hold a lot of calories compared to 'cleaner' foods, therefore i'd recommend in moderation as it's so easy to eat your whole calories for the day without having any goodness...

Love Chlo xxx


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

My Goals / 2017

New Year. Wow. A lot can happen in a year & I feel like 2016 was a prime example of that. 
I'm super excited for 2017 & already week 1 into it it's going bloody amazing, I have a huge group of girls doing a free 4 week challenge, sorry if you missed the chance i'm hoping to do more in the future!

Goals for 2017 though... here goes,

Get Stronger & Leaner / 

Creating a stronger and leaner physique is one of my goals, but I want to do it through a healthy way. I don't want any crashes or energy lacking, just strong workouts fuelled by decent food!

Develop my career / 

It's no secret that i'm always wanting to develop my career more. I love learning & I love succeeding. On Twitter, I said that a goal would be to stop worrying what people thought of me - that's so true when it comes to my career. Often I find myself not doing things as I worry about what people will think - lol not in 2017 sista...

Graduate from uni / 

It feels like yesterday I was starting year 7, now i'm graduating! da fuk! .. I'm actually so sad to leave uni, I've loved every second of it (apart from living there), i've made some life long besties and now im getting all emosh thinking about it... oh ma gad dont make me adult pleaseeeeee!!

Create a stronger mindset / 

I'm a stresshead & I'm a huge worrier... It improved so much last year that im going to continue reading & using techniques to help, my saviour of 2016? Headspace... go try plz.

Enjoy more times with friends & family / 

As part of me being a stress head, it means i'm very bloody at isolating myself. I often struggle to switch off & relax, I get invited to things then talk myself out them... this year? I'm going to say yes more to thing's i'll enjoy, after all... with graduating this is the last time i'm going to out of full time work...

So, if you haven't noticed already i've completely scared myself thinking about 2017, but here goes anyway!!

What are your goals?

Chlo xxx


Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Thought's You Could Have / Joining the Gym this Jan

/ 'shit, thats hugeee' 
- talking about the actual blokes

/ 'Where the eff does this go?' 
- Meaning the safety clip on the treadmill, I mean i'm not even sure i've ever seen someone use it?

/ 'up and down right?'
- Right, you’re squatting, down then up.. keep your back straight and don’t let your knees go over the toes.

/ 'Why is everyone wearing headphones when the gym music is so loud?'
- They're in the 'zoneeeeeeeee' babe, but yeah it's rare you can hear your own music over the dodgy Spotify playlist

/ 'Is she running faster than me?' 
- running next to someone will always stay a competition beginner or not

/ 'Should have just gone to costa' 
- my tip, go to costa first for a black Americano, i guarantee you’ll be ready to smash your session

/ 'Can they see my thong?'
- probably

/ 'Do you reckon they can tell this kit is all knew?' 
- still slaying more than that fool with the barely there vest p.s he knows you can see his nipples, i think he kinda likes it. 

/ Da fuck am i doing here?
- I feel like we all ask ourselves this one a daily about most things… but if you’ve made it to  the gym you're doing better than Uncle Joe who laughed at you when you asked for activewear this christmas.

/ 'I can’t wait for food after'
 - yes, even after all that christmas food it is actually possible to still get hungry … 

Enjoy the crazy rush of January Gym!!

Chlo xx

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