Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Brexit & Trump / & the Fitness Industry?

Ok, so this isn't one of my normal posts but I do think it's important to not ignore what's happen in the world. You could kinda say i'm late to the party talking about this but i'm currently knee deep into the biggest research module i've ever done & I love it! Every day i'm finding more and more new research to help mould my uni project - but with so much info, it's often hard to filter through the best bits... so I thought I would share some here! I've heard so so many people say 'I don't care, it won't affect me' about this whole Brexit or Trump thing but actually they could be wrong... i've looked at how what's happening in the world could effect the fitness industry.... 

With the economy less stable, people could start to spend less. We have already seen the £ drop and the prices of things go up which means people will start to be more careful with their money - this could be a dangerous time for those in fitness. We are currently still undergoing the cultural change where health is considered a priority, but we aren't quite there yet - This could mean that people don't put their health first and start spending less on their health.

With potential uncertain times and potential less money for those of the younger generations or working class, we could potentially see a huge increase in the older generation participating in health & fitness activites. These are the ones with no bills or money issues compared to their offspring, add some more free time in the mix & the desire to be healthier, we could find our grans racing us to get the best spot in the gym class.

However, in contrast, with so much uncertainty we could see the industry continue to boom. People are worried about their futures and therefore could invest more time and money into their health? 

With the uncertainty, people could be more anxious about what's happening in the world, we could see a rise in the 'de-stressing' type exercise, i'm talking pilates, yoga that kind of thing. To allow people to de stress and forget about the changes and stresses in the world. 

To help with anxiety they say having a plan & a goal could help with that.... * in comes the PTs & fitness industry*. People may love to have a plan and goal to follow as we have such hectic lives, their fitness journey could infact be how they escape and become grounded again from all the changes in the world...

I personally am concerned with everything that is going on in the world but after some industry professionals coming in to visit at uni & listening to them talk about how politics, Brexit & Trump has already effected their business I thought it would be interesting to analayse how it could effect mine - or even your lives when it comes to your health and fitness. 

I really hope what is happening in the world doesn't affect you, your lives & your fitness journey & I hope this post has shown you the potential things that could happen, so you can act now if you wish.

love Chlo xxxx

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Eating What You Want / Stay In Shape

I mean we need to use this lightly and it does come back to the whole making sure you're eating the calories your body needs, not over & not under. However, what I want to share with the world is something that i've recently found, you CAN enjoy those chocolate and 'crap' foods while still making progress.... here's what I do:

- Workout before your treats

Treats often mean carbs. Carbs are vital after your workout, your body needs the food & carbs to refuel. This means if you fancy a burger (carbs from bun, protein & fat from the mince) it will be used by your body more efficiently if you have it after a workout.

- Chocolate after a workout

This also goes for chocolate and is where and why you'll catch me having chocolate regularly. Sugar is a carb so like said above, needed after a workout. If you choose to have your carbs from chocolate after you workout that's up to you, just watch your calories... make sure you don't exceed your calories.

- Drop calories before eating out

If you're off out in the evening, these meals tend to be indulgent. I had a look and last week when I went out for food my calories came to 1500 (my fitness pal told me), that's close to my daily calories allowance. This showed how easy it is for people to over indulge without knowing about it, also showing how easy it is to go over your calories (over your calories = weight gain). My biggest tip for this is to drop your food intake throughout the day compared to what you normally have, e.g normally have 3 eggs for breakfast? Have 2. It will help drop the amount of calories you've eaten that day making more way for the food you eat that night.

- Moderation not deprivation

You've prob heard this before, but for me it's really true. A little bit of chocolate a day keeps the bingeing away for me - apart from if it's my b'day then 3 pieces of cheesecakes legit happened.

- Calorie count

This isn't for everyone & can become obsessive. Personally, for me it has been amazing for me to ensure I am eating enough through out the day, it's also showed me where I can fit in my chocolate (can you tell I have a huge sweet tooth?) if I wanted some.

- Opt for diet fizzy drinks

You've prob read of the Daily Mail or something that fizzy drinks kill you haven't you? I'm not going to bore you with the reasons why the research is floored... but I will tell you, that actually have a few cans a week won't kill you or make you fat. But, it might just help you get through your weight loss journey - I guess this goes back to the whole depriving yourself. This might help with sugar cravings and as you get further along your journey you could look at taking them out but if right now you're a sugar addict then this could be a good option for you.... it is for me!

These are the things that work for me, if you have any tips on how you enjoy those treats while still achieving your goals plzzzz do let me know!!

Love Chlo xxxx


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

I've Been Eating More & This is What Happened...

I was a massive clean eater, chocolate was a no, sweets? no thank you and bread? You're having a laugh! I was obsessed with 'eating clean' and although I still am in a way since becoming a nutrition coach I have learnt so much. You may have seen in vlogs and blogs that i'm now eating a lot more than I did, i'm now eating what my body needs... & here's what happened:

I'm happier /

I've always thought I was a relatively happy person, but unless someone has slipped me a couple doses of happy pills, my family as well as myself have noticed a hugeeeee difference. I'm not having strops & I actually say hi to people in the mornings now... 

I have so much more energy / 

Now this one isn't a joke... I don't nap anymore (WHAAAAAT) & I don't rely on coffee (WHAAAT X2). I have my usual coffee in the morning because I love it but my mid afternoons slumps are no longer. 

I'm no longer scared of carbs / 

I eat them & a lot. My carbs come from a variety of things whether that's chocolate, rice or sour dough bread - I now eat a lot more and with that, my gut and stomach is happier.

I've been enjoying the yummy stuff more than even / 

Because of the whole eating more, it also means I can eat more of the yummy stuff. I now have chocolate most days (blog post on this to follow) with 0 guilt!

I'm Leaner / 

I feel like I say this every few months, but i'm actually in the best shape i've been. I'm thicker but also leaner, i'm more confident and mostly i'm happier.

Here's to lots of calories & a happier life...

Love Chlo xxx
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