Wednesday, 1 February 2017

I've Been Eating More & This is What Happened...

I was a massive clean eater, chocolate was a no, sweets? no thank you and bread? You're having a laugh! I was obsessed with 'eating clean' and although I still am in a way since becoming a nutrition coach I have learnt so much. You may have seen in vlogs and blogs that i'm now eating a lot more than I did, i'm now eating what my body needs... & here's what happened:

I'm happier /

I've always thought I was a relatively happy person, but unless someone has slipped me a couple doses of happy pills, my family as well as myself have noticed a hugeeeee difference. I'm not having strops & I actually say hi to people in the mornings now... 

I have so much more energy / 

Now this one isn't a joke... I don't nap anymore (WHAAAAAT) & I don't rely on coffee (WHAAAT X2). I have my usual coffee in the morning because I love it but my mid afternoons slumps are no longer. 

I'm no longer scared of carbs / 

I eat them & a lot. My carbs come from a variety of things whether that's chocolate, rice or sour dough bread - I now eat a lot more and with that, my gut and stomach is happier.

I've been enjoying the yummy stuff more than even / 

Because of the whole eating more, it also means I can eat more of the yummy stuff. I now have chocolate most days (blog post on this to follow) with 0 guilt!

I'm Leaner / 

I feel like I say this every few months, but i'm actually in the best shape i've been. I'm thicker but also leaner, i'm more confident and mostly i'm happier.

Here's to lots of calories & a happier life...

Love Chlo xxx
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