Tuesday, 29 August 2017

5 Tips To Follow After a Heavy Weekend

 Ahhh the bank holiday! I'm hoping i'm not the only one that spent it in the sunshine with a fair few too many Pimms and veg crisps. I've got this thing for veg crisps at the mo, I ate a whole big bag when I got in from my night out on Saturday... anyway i'm going off track. I'm here to share with my fave peeps (you) what I do after an over-indulgent weekend or week or however long it may be...

/ Stay Hydrated

So bank hol, most of us were very lucky to have a lot of sun, mix that with alcohol and a hangover and dehydration is very very common. Drinking plenty of fluids is essential and while I came out of bank holiday scared I had some heat exhaustion/stroke, I got give this great tip... Get a sugary drink (oj is great) and add a sprinkle of salt to help replenish your body. IT WORKS! Dioralyte works a treat as well but I recommend drinking more than you usually would and being really mindful on making sure your drinking enough water. *caffeine won't help as it can dehydrate you, opt for good chilled water instead.. your body will thank you.

/ Fill your body with veggies and fruit

Micro nutrients is probably what your body is lacking of most. Opting for things like salads are also full of water and therefore can help hydrate you while berries and greens will give you that boost you may need. Vit C from oranges are a great pick me up too I find!

/ Get Some Rest

Over indulgence for me often leaves me unable to get to sleep as easy, waking up a few times in the night and generally being exhausted (having a dodgey gut leaves me exhausted too, see below) therefore getting in enough rest is key. Get to bed slightly earlier or get a nap in is my best advice... if that's not do able then just slowwww down  a little and stay away from the gym.

/ Do Some Gentle Exercise

Now this all depends on how you feel and your goals. A brisk walk can help those who want to get things flowing again and to feel like fresher where as a heavy weight session could help those wanting to make some use of the extra carbs. Personally I opted for some glute focused work and some gentle cardio to get things moving again but don't force yourself. If your body is saying no a walk is perfect.

/ Look after your gut 

For me indulgence doesn't come just in terms of alcohol but also foods that make my gut very unhappy... ooops. My recommendation is to stock up on good probiotics (i've heard fab things about optibac which I will be trying after my holland and barrett ones have finished) but also to get some digestive enzymes down you to help get things balanced again.

So that's what i'm doing this week to help get myself back sorted after what some could describe as an extremely over indulgent weekend... oh an an over indulgent weekend with 0 guilt because I had way to much fun to regret a thaaaang! Here's to getting back to tip top health and getting ready for my hollibobs!

lots of love as always xxx


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

5 High Protein Breakfasts

Protein Smotein! You hear it everywhere, but as brits it's actually a macro that we often deprive ourselves of and is such an important macro when it comes to your health and fitness.
I really encourage all my clients and myself to have protein at every meal, yet protein at breakfast seems to be the one people struggle with most. BUT HAVE NO FEAR, I've got some high protein breakfasts that I can't wait to share with you!


Oats are a fab energy and carb source and a very popular breakie, for added protein you can simply add in 100g of greek yoghurt. Here, I've used Fage total 0%. Topped with chopped hazelnuts and Pip & Nut chocolate hazelnut butter .... a must! Pip and Nut are a fabulous brand offering clean nut butters that are naturally high in protein and good fats. You can buy their book here!


Ahhhh the good old English breakie! You see, your English breakfast doesn't have to be full of nasty fats and high in calories. Cutting the fat off the bacon and scrambled eggs cooked in a small amount of butter, you can't go wrong!

/ Dairy Free Yoghurt Bowl

This one is for those of you that aren't keen on the dairy. Alpro GO ON. yoghurt is perfect for you, high in calories without the dairy made with soya. If you're into dairy then you can def go for the total fage 0% like in the porridge bowls, however if you're wanting to look after the cows, then Alpro has your back. This is topped with Rude Health Granola, blueberries, raisins & Meridan Almond butter. 


High protein breakfasts or healthy breakfasts doesn't mean you can't see pancakes again! Here I've used Misfits Nutrition vegan whey as I can't have whey protein, however any whey protein will do! I recommend My Protein Vanilla Whey. This is topped with fruit and My Protein Sugar Free Syrup & If you're after a great protein pancake recipe I recommend grabbing The Body Coach's book!

/ Egg Muffins

Ahhh these are delights! You basically whisk eggs and your choice of fillings (I used cheese, bacon and courgette) and pour the mixture into muffin cases and baked in the oven! Sprinkle a little cheese on top for that extra cheeseyness. Is that even a word? Who knows.
A great recipe again, can be found in The Body Coach's book!

Could you guess I'm still quite a fan of Joe Wick's recipes?! Ha! 
The point of this post was to try to share with you guys that there is a variety of foods you can have that are high in protein! 

I'd love if you could share with me your creations! Tag me on Instagram @chlohodgkinson 

Love Chlo xxxxx

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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Recipe: Carrot Cake Energy Balls

Love cake?! Love carrot cake but after something that little bit healthier? I've gotcha hun....

Carrot Cake Energy Balls

Serves 12 small ones.

Cals: 56
Protein: 2.7g Carbs: 4.8g Fat: 2.8g

/ Ingredients: 

50g Walnuts
60g Dates
11/2 scoop vanilla protein (I use Missfits vegan protein)
100g Carrots
Cinnamon Dash
Grated Ginger

/ Method

It's quite straight forward with my cooking really... chuck it all in and hope for the best. I blended for about a minute and then checked the consistency. You want a sticky type mixture to then work in your ends so you can mould into the right shape.

Roll into 12 balls and refrigerate or eat all at once... up to you hun as per usual.

Let me know how you get on!

Chlo xxxx

Not bored of me yet? Come say hey!
I'm currently running a #100healthydays on my Instagram, i'd love for you to come have a look - @chlohodgkinson
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Wednesday, 9 August 2017


Nike shorts / 

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Enjoy lovelies!!

Love Chlo xxxx 


Saturday, 5 August 2017

5 Tips to Staying On Track During Tough Times

Hey, hey. I'm back and this time with prob not the most happiness but for me, this post I felt I needed to share with you guys. Everyone goes through difficult times and it's the tough times that also tend to knock us off good habits and straight back into our bad ones. If you're reading this, those bad habits could be something like 'bingeing on chocolate' or 'giving up on the gym'.

Tough times causes difficulties physically and emotionally. The stress can be awful for our bodies and you may find your thoughts aren't clear. I lost my pup Samba last week and for some it may only be a dog, but he was so much more to our family than that. He was my little brother and best friend and every day without him being around is horrible. When he passed, I did sit and think, this could be dangerous if I don't stay mindful. By dangerous I don't mean bingeing is dangerous, I just didn't want to slip back into old habits.... here are my top tips on how I felt with Sammy without going back to bad habits and this I really do feel could be related to many situations from relationship issues to career ones too.

1) Stay Mindful and in the Moment

Try to be mindful in everything you do. What I mean by this is in a sense, always using your thoughts before you act. Ask yourself before you go back to your old habit, for example, with myself it's bingeing... is this really what I want? Why would I binge now? How would that make me feel?

2) Remember what you've learnt or what you're learning

During any journey you will always have learnt something or be learning something. I've learnt not only when I binge, but how much I binge but I've also learnt about the foods and the activities that make me feel good. A binge on junk food for example makes me feel sluggish, miserable and uncomfortable where as a huge plate of amazing veggies and good protein makes me feel revitalised, satisfied and a lot happier!

3) Notice The Triggers

This is the biggest one for me. Try to work out when you go back into that bad habit you're wanting to avoid. For me with bingeing, it's when something goes wrong or if I'm at a big event is when I tend to slip back into bingeing. From noticing what triggers a binge enables me to workout possible times a binge may happen. When losing Sam, I was aware that previously this could cause a binge and therefore I tried to stay mindful on my behaviours to notice any other triggers.

4) Give Yourself a Little Break

When going through a tough time, some of us stop everything and others go full blast. It's important especially if you're under stress to not over do it. You can cause the risk of over training and exhausting yourself which in turn will leave you feeling worse than you already did. Sometimes just taking a little break to get your head back in the right place could do you good, if you're used to training heavy weights, maybe swap it for a brisk walk instead to try lower your stress levels.

5) Remember Why You Changed to Better Habits in the First Place

Sometimes you just need to remember why you started in the first place. If the reasons you started in the first place meant a lot to you and are deep inside you, that could often be enough to keep you going through tough times.

Relax, take a breath, remember why you're doing this & it will get easier.

Chlo xxx

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Recipe: Coconut & Lemon Energy Balls

oh my Jezzzz, if you love coconut & lemon then these zingey treats are perfect for you! They literally remind me of summer!

Coconut & Lemon Energy Balls

Serves 10 small ones.

Cals: 56
Protein: 1g Carbs: 6.5g Fat: 2.8g

/ Ingredients: 

30g Almonds
55g Dates
10g Chia Seeds
15g Coconut Flakes
1tsp Lemon Zest
2 tbsp Lemon Juice

/ Method

It's quite straight forward with my cooking really... chuck it all in and hope for the best. I blended for about a minute and then checked the consistency. You want a sticky type mixture to then work in your ends so you can mould into the right shape.

Roll into 10 small balls and refrigerate or eat all at once... up to you hun.

*Top Tip* Crumble an energy ball into yoghurt for a zingey cheesecake type desert!

Let me know how you get on!

Chlo xxxx
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