Friday, 29 September 2017

Top 5 Tips for Buying Organic On a Budget

  1. Organic September is coming to an end but here are some tips for you guys on how to shop organic on a budget! It's something my family are really trying to get into for both health and environment benefits... 

    / Shop in season 

    Buying organic fruit and vegetables when it’s in season gives you the best value for money. Organic fruit and vegetables has less pesticides and chemicals and also contains more key antioxidants. Eat seasonably ( does the hard work for you by listing all the fruits and veg that are best to eat right now.  

  1. / Try the basics 

    If you’re new to organic, milk is a great place to start because it gives you lots of benefits. Widely available and more value for money, organic milk has around 50% more beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, and secures a good return for British farmers.  

  1. / Stock up on organic essentials 

    Organic store cupboard essentials can be great value. Items like organic baked beans, pasta and canned tomatoes can often be found for the same price as the same non-organic items. 
  1. /Look for deals online 

    Bag a bargain on a variety of organic foods, as prices are slashed throughout Organic September. There are lots of discounts from big household brands this September. Find out more about offers and promotions on organic products in September  

  1. / Try a different cut of meat  

    Eating less, but better meat is good for our health and the planet. Trying lower cost organic cuts like shoulder or belly can make a big difference to your wallet – and they have more beneficial nutrients too. Pop into your local butcher for advice on cuts, or make a weekly roast which can provide a couple of meals. Find recipes at 

Clare McDermott from the Soil Association, the UK’s leading food and farming charity comments:  

“We want to make it easy for people to try organic this September whether at cooking home or in their local cafĂ© or restaurant .  We’ve teamed up with lots of chefs to provide inspiration and show shoppers that organic doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can find it in your local supermarket as well as through box schemes and Farm shops. ''

When you shop organic look out for The Soil Association logo you can be sure what you buy has been produced to the very highest standards. It means fewer pesticides, no artificial additives or preservatives, it’s always free range, the highest standards of animal welfare and no GM ingredients. 

Visit the Soil Association website to find participating partners and to download the Get Started kit and the UK Organic Map which will highlight events and discounts across the UK. 

Do you guys shop organic?

Love Chlo xxx


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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Recipe: Low Carb, No Sugar Courgette Cake

Ahhhhh I know I know it doesn't sound like it should work but I promise it does! Even my boyfriend (toughest critic) and his family enjoyed it... if you want to experiment, shock your friends with a green cake or just generally enjoy some low carb, no sugar cake... then this is for you.

Ingredients / 

/ 50g ground almonds
/ 75g coconut flour
/ 150g courgette
/ 35g butter
/ 2 egg
/ Vanilla essence
/ Sweetener 

Toppings / 

 These can be up to you... I used coconut and chopped hazelnuts.

1) Start by grating your courgette into a tea towel and ringing to get all the liquid out.
2) Add everything else into a mixture and mix until smooth... adding the courgette when properly ringed.
3) Pour into a loaf tin or tin of your choice, add your toppings and pop in the oven 180 fan for roughly 30 mins... or longer if not cooked.. the idea is it's brown on top and clean when sticking a knife in, in the middle.

Please please let me know how you get on... as per usual my recipes are quick, simple and more of an experiment because cooking can be cheap, fun and exciting ok!!

Love Chlo xxx


Monday, 18 September 2017

6 Times My Health Kick Was Once Bad For My Health

Those blooming health kicks, from fad diets to diet pills the industry is booming with so-called health kicks. It's scary that as a fitness and health blogger for sometime to look back at even times that I was blogging and sharing my journey that actually what I was doing to improve my health was actually hindering. Here I'll share you 6 times my health kick was bad for my health... and I had no idea.

/ Not Eating Enough

This is one of the most common I see in clients, especially serial dieters. A lot of us don't actually eat what our bodies need and that can be so scary. Starting a few years a go and only ending last winter I was a huge under eater, I worked out recently that in those times I was eating roughly 1000 cals a day but binged at weekend. I binged because by the weekend came I had deprived myself so much that I craved sugar and carbs and when giving myself a little bit simply couldn't stop. My sleep was horrendous as was my mood and was there any fat loss or muscle toning? Absolutely not... just a fluffy, bloated pouch on a somewhat skinny body.

/ Over Training

Unfortunately while I was under eating also came over training. I was a huge fan of HIIT and although I still am when it comes to fitness levels and fat loss, I did this 6-7 days a week and completely exhausted myself. You see, HIIT puts your body in a stressed state and can be really harsh on the body especially if you're doing lots of impact stuff e.g burpees and jump lunges, which I was. I was running on adrenaline, yet carried on with the mindset of the more you do the better you are. Now I train 5x a week, might fit in HIIT 1x a week but mostly get my cardio from walking.

/ Cutting Out Carbs 

Jeez Louise, this was the worst one I have to say. I lived on a more or less protein diet... eggs, chicken with a tiny salad and repeat. I may have a tiny handful of raisins before gym but other than that carbs were a no go. The unfortunate thing is it's destroyed my gut and my gut still pays the price now. I have a really sensitive gut from all the damage I caused it from my no-carb days. I would bloat every few weeks and was constantly constipated... it got to the stage that if I managed to go to the loo, I would tell everyone because it was so rare. I know TMI I'm sorry.

Now, I have a variety of carbs in my diet from oats and rice to sweet potato and berries. I have actually found not only do I have more energy but it's given me a lot more shape to my waist and my muscles. I still monitor my carbs as my body strives off fats and protein but I would never ever cut them out again. I always ensure I have high fibre foods like chia seeds too... you can find the recipe for my chia seed pudding on my youtube!

/ Taking Laxatives

A bad 15 year old that listened to whatever the internet told her. This I remember was a bad time. I spent my time looking at myself in the mirror grabbing my unwanted fat, I would cry in the bath and be unhappy in myself ... but was also completely uneducated. I had no idea why I was fat (I wasn't actually that fat), why I had fat, how I had fat and wtf I could do about it. I heard that laxatives helped lose weight, so I popped to boots and brought shop brought constipation relief tablets... I think I got up to taking 6 a day at one point. It was so uncomfortable, embarrassing and surprisingly didn't work... FYI, this much have also played a part in my sensitive gut.

/ Obsessing Over Calories or Fitbit 

Probably a most recent one. I started tracking my food to ensure I ate enough and I brought a Fitbit. I love love love both. I love knowing what's in my food and ensuring I have enough calories and macros through out the day. From my under eating days it's still very natural for me to under eat unintentionally, not a chance would I eat the amount I do unless I saw I had too! However, the flip side is that it can become obsessive, I went through a tough time of having to eat below my calories.. weird I know and also had to hit over my goal on my Fitbit. Both things can be amazing if you're in control of it, if you feel like you're obsessing then I recommend coming off them for a few days. I only track mon-fri when I'm working and need the calories now and then weekends I sign out of My Fitness and chill... I want to fuel my body not obsess over it.

/ Following People On Social Media 

A funny one as you'd think it won't directly damage health but I found myself following people who made me question my own body, what I did, how I looked and what I did. I found myself copying people that A) had completely different bodies to me B) completely different lives C) completely different goals... Social media can often make you question yourself. So question yourself before social media does... question everyone you follow, how does each time they upload a picture make you feel? If it's negative... give them an unfollow.

I wrote these not only because I've learnt a lot from all 6 and wanted to share them with you but I want to try to prevent these situations happening to you too. 

Love as always 

Chlo xxxxx

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

4 Changes Im Making To My Health

It's September and for some, including me, that means it's time for new goals, new focus and time for reflection. It's different for me this year, it's quite scary actually, that this is the first ever year since I started school in reception that I haven't gone back into education in the September. Im a big girl now but also a creature of habit so I love to start new things in September and I thought I would share them with you guys...

/ Stopping Tracking

Since January I've been tracking my calories and macros as a way of helping me understand the calories in food, the nutrients in food and also how much food I actually need for my body. I've now decided to stop tracking and living my life by a number and take the plunge to eat intuitively instead. Im actually really nervous about this one as it's a big step but now it's time to learn to listen to my body rather than let a number dictate it.

*Watch this video for how to get leaner* 

/ Gut First

Ahh this blooming gut of mine. It's a nightmare but this winter I will be putting my gut first, filling my body with healthy nutrients, fibre and all things gut friendly. By gut friendly I mean going back to my food intolerance test and living by that, that means no dairy, peanuts, sunflower seeds, limited gluten, no yeast and no red grapes or carbonated drinks. I don't mean none of these forever, but I am going to try have none for at least 2 weeks and then keep them at minimum because lets face it... who can give up Oppo ice-cream forever? Not me.

*Watch this video for bloating tips*

/ Practising Mindfulness

My body has been at the centre of my goals, whether its strength, feeling comfortable or getting abs. However, this winter my mindset is going to be another one of my focuses. I have achieved some great things this summer but I want to be able to achieve even more this winter and next year but I believe to achieve more we have to be in the right mindset... Que more visits to the shaman & more headspace.

*Watch this video for more* 

/ Training for Enjoyment not Body Composition

Like said above, my training I've always loved but it has primarily been for my body not my mind. Im going to ensure I train to my full enjoyment rather than what I need to do more of what I feel like doing! If I want to run.. I'm going to run, Yano.

I feel like you guys can see a very clear trend that I'm moving away from having the ideal body and more of having the ideal soul and life. I want to live a strong heathy life that is flexible and striving to be the happiest and healthiest I've been not the leanest and fittest. 

Here's to the winter... what are you doing this winter?

Chlo xxxxx

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Saturday, 9 September 2017

My 6 Go to Snacks

I always always get asked what my clients can snack on or what is it that I snack on so what better place than to put them all in once place... on here!

/ Yoghurt Bowls With Toppings

I blooming love yoghurt bowls and I love even more playing around with topping. I shop loads in Holland & Barrett for a variety of topping. This bowl is total fage 0% with Diablo chocolate spread as well as Eat Natural Breakfast Granola.

 / Smoothie

Yummmm to protein smoothies! If you don't know I've given up whey protein due to gut issues but I now use MissFits Nutrition vegan blends and love making protein smoothies. This one has chocolate flavour, peanut butter, almond milk and ice... topped with a sprinkle of chopped hazelnuts. 


/ Eggs 

Ok, so it's no secret that I'm a massive egg head. Sorry to all the chickens but they are so bloody good. I normally go through phases with eggs, I had a long stint of scrambled eggs mixed with mushrooms and onion like the one above... if I was feeling wild I'd add bacon. However, at the moment I'm loving boiled eggs with ham and also poached eggs. Boiled eggs for on the go, kept in a Tupperware. WARNING: when Tupperware opened you'll stink the surrounding environment out with the stench of egg... but hey, at least it tastes marvellous.

/ Energy Balls

Ohhh man, I just love making energy balls. So quick and easy to not only make but also to eat.. View my recipes here: 

Coconut & lemon (pictured)
Carrot Cake
Cookie dough (coming soon)

If you're not one to make yourself... I'd recommend the Deliciously Ella balls....

image from @bounce_uk Instagram

/ Health Bars

& for even quicker snacks on the go, similar to the Deliciously Ella ones I love love love the following.....

(click to buy)

Bounce Ball / Eat Natural Bars / Perkier / Grenade bars (for those that can have whey) / Pulsin bars.

/ Nut Butter 

And lastly it's the nut butter. Full of healthy fats and good protein these really are a great snack and what's best is that my 2 fave brands do sachets of the nut butter so is perfect for on the go! Shop below...

Pip and nut. /             Mindful bites

Hopefully you've found some inspiration for snacks here... but I'd love to hear yours! Comment below your fave snack!

Love as always, Chlo xxxx 


Tuesday, 5 September 2017

5 Ways to Beat Summer Blues

Ahhhh Man! Maaaa G'sssss.. I've lost my head because summer is leaving. OR HAVE I?! Ok, im pretty sure it's the coffee that is making me write this weird shiz, but lets all go with it yeah? Summer is over but your happiness my friends is NOT! Let's beat summer blues and prevent SAD with these ways...

/ Embrace Winter

Ha, funny one ey but na I'm serious. Winter can actually be so much fun, winter walks leading to films in the fire or even heading out and trying out winter sports. It's so easy to mop inside and moan but really just because the weather might be colder it doesn't mean we cant do the things we did when the summer was better.. when half the time the weather probably wasn't better! Bring summer to winter I say... I really want to have a winter BBQ.

/ Try Something New

Skiing and winter sports are a great choices but just anything new is a great way to distract yourself. Summer tends to be full of parties, get together and just generally doing things so try something new to help keep you busy. I'm still working out what I want to try but I really really want to learn to speak Spanish ready for next summer!

/ Book a Get Away

Have yourself something to look forward too, even if it's just the weekend. Groupon have some great deals and I really recommend Berlin Xmas markets! It will allow us to not only associate summer with holidays, relaxing and fun. 

/ Set New Goals

New season, new goals. I always set up new goals at the end of summer. This season i'm going to try add some lean muscle and ensure i'm eating at maintenance calories because naturally I tend to eat in a caloric deficit but accident... oh & im also going to put loads of time into my Youtube.

/ Surround Yourself With Positivity

They say you're only as good as those you surround yourself with, so opt for those with ambition and that are positive. Winter tends to be a toughy for most people but the last thing you need is someone making it harder for you.

I'd love to hear some of your own tips if you have any on how to get you through winter!

Love Chlo xxxx

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