Sunday, 22 October 2017


Guys Guys Guys! Welcome to first ever launch of a challenge. This challenge isn't about weight loss or strength this is just about being the healthiest you can ever be!

I'd love for you guys to join me on my #ChlosChristmasChallenge ... whatever your goal, even if you don't follow the plan above try to do one thing that could help you towards your goals. You can join in by uploading this to Instagram each day with the hashtag!

This guide is written primarily for fitness but by following my Instagram @chlohodgkinson could be a great way to help you with nutrition guidance. 


Rate your self out of 10 the following: 

1/ How much energy do you have?

 2/ How fit do you think you are?

3/ How healthy do you think you are?

4/ How happy in yourself do you think you are?


3 goals you want to achieve in 8 weeks... 


1) Increase my fats and lay off sugar as I strive off fats 
2) Train abs at least 5x a week
3) Start Yoga at least once a week (I always say I'll do this!)

Please consult your doctor, I can not be held responsible for any injury or illness occurred - all exercise is done at your own risk. 

I've filmed the workouts below to help you if you're unsure:

Good luck & I can't wait to start this journey with you all.

Lots of love as always
Chlo xxxx

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