Thursday, 30 November 2017

Supplements / What I take & Why


I haven't always been a huge supplement taker as I often forget to take them but recently i've been on it and along with increasing my fat and calorie intake while limiting my dairy and grains... touch wood... i'm feeling fab! So I thought i'd share with you guys what i'm taking supplement wise....

Probiotics /

These are to keep my gut happy. If you've been with me for a while then it's not secret that my gut is so unpredictable so to keep things happy and full of good bacteria I pop a probiotic every day - i'm currently using Biokult -buy yours here.

Digestive Enzymes / 

I take this to literally assist my digestion... every little helps!

Vitamin D / 

I've started taking this in the Winter as it is really thought to not only help with mood but also help support my immune system - I use this one.

Vitamin C /

Ahhhh this little delight I believe saves me when working in a gym full of germs. Being around clients who are often ill or around others that are ill this time of year taking vitamin C I believe has really helped my immune system and to fight off any nasties. - I pop a vitamin c and magnesium in a drink in the mornings

Evening Primrose /

After a visit to my naturopath because i'm on the pill, evening primrose was recommended to help with PMS symptoms but also skin problems - I've changed a lot of things recently in my diet so I can't say if this stuff is exactly making big changes but hey! I'm feeling bloody good, so that's a start right?

Lactase enzymes / 

If i'm going to be put in a situation where my food choices and flexibility is limited I pop a lactase enzyme in case I have too much lactose. These babies are incredible if you have an intolerance to lactose as they assist your gut in the digestion of it! It gives me peace of mind that my gut isn't going to go on a crazy flare up if I eat too much dairy that will irritate it! - I use these ones.

*I buy all my supplements from Holland & Barrett.

What do you guys take? Or do you take any at all?

Love Chlo xx


Monday, 27 November 2017

Gift Guide / Wellness Warrior

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Happy Christmas 

Chlo xxxxx 

Thursday, 23 November 2017

5 Tips On Eating Carbs

Low carb, carb free, don't eat carbs bla bla bla... what a load of rubbish! Carb's are vital and used for energy in our bodies. We are however, a nation of over eaters when it comes to carbs - we need to watch the amount we eat and opt for high fibre carbs rather than simple sugars... here are my tips!

/ Go High Fibre

High fibre foods are amazing to keep things flowing, these help control your blood sugar levels that could be spiked while eating carbs - think wholegrain, fruit or veggies.

/ Bulk up your Veg

Veg is an amazing source of carbohydrate, with added micronutrients for vitamins and minerals and also added fibre these are essential in your diet. Plus you can eat LOADSSS with very very little calories unlike things like rice or pasta.

/ Watch your Sugar

Sugar is actually a carb, it's a very simple carb and therefore should be monitored. It is released into the blood stream really quickly and if not used up can be stored as fat. Too much can lead to things like obesity, sugar crashes and diabetes - top tip - have any form of sugar including fruit with some form of fat or protein e.g apple and nut butter. The fat/protein will help slow down the sugar absorption helping keep hormones and sugar levels stable. (See protein blog & fat blog)

/ Go wholegrain

Wholegrain's are the foods that tend to have not been played with as must as it's mate the white stuff. Wholegrain's have other benefits like fibre which will help keep you full and stable blood sugar.

/ Think as Fuel

Carb's are mainly used for energy and therefore when eating we need to think of them as fuel. Do you need loads of fuel from this chocolate bar full of sugar at 9pm at night before bed? Probably not but you may need some sugar before running a marathon for example. I tend to keep my carbs around my workouts or first thing in the morning as that's where I desperately need fuel.

How do you get your energy?

Love Chlo xx 


Wednesday, 22 November 2017

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Chlo xxxx 

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Sunday, 19 November 2017



If you've stuck to this blooming incredible, make yourself known by tagging me on Facebook or Instagram or posting on my Facebook page: 

If you haven't stuck properly then don't stress each week is a new week, this is about making small progress to a better you. Refresh and restart.

I'd still love for you guys to join me on my #ChlosChristmasChallenge ... whatever your goal, even if you don't follow the plan above try to do one thing that could help you towards your goals. You can join in by uploading this to Instagram each day with the hashtag!

This guide is written primarily for fitness but by following my Instagram @chlohodgkinson could be a great way to help you with nutrition guidance. 

I've filmed weeks 5-8 workouts below to help you if you're unsure:

Good luck for the final weeks & don't forget to this December to keep an eye out for my Advent Calendar!

Lots of a love & a merry Christmas!

Chlo xxxxx


Thursday, 16 November 2017

5 Ways To Increase Your Fat in Your Diet

Ahhhh Fats my absolute fave! Whether it's a massive steak or i'm spooning nut butter out the jar fats really do make me happy. For some, they have to be monitored because at 9cals per 1g of fat they are easily overeaten without realising - but fat definitely has a place in our diet and should 100000% not be scared of! Fat is a great source of energy and plays a big role is absorbing nutrients... Here are 5 ways you could get fat into your diet...

/ Nuts & Seeds

Nut's and seeds are rammed packed full of fats and also protein (See protein blog post). My favourites are snacking on almonds and walnuts or sprinkling my salad's with seeds... or as i've said before, going crazy on nut & seed butter - click the words to buy my favourites!

/ Avocado & Eggs

  I'm basically an egg, if you know me well enough i'm more than   partial to an egg... like every day! Although they are amazing fat     and protein source (see protein blog post again) pairing them with  avocado is a match made in heaven. Did you know? Research found that avocado's helped improve bad cholesterol in overweight and obese people!

/ Oils

Flaxseed oil, hempseed oil, coconut oil and fish oil are among oils that research have found we should include in our diets. However, I love to dress my salads with extra virgin olive oil and love to cook coconut for that extra flavouring - TIP - try to stay away from vegetable oils as these can release toxins related to cancer.

/ Topping's

 My ultimate favourite way to get my fats in - SPRINKLE DATT STUFF. I top my yoghurt and oat bowls with all my favourite high fat toppings.

Nut butter - For The Smooth Ride - Mindful Bites
                                             For The Crunch - Pip & Nut Crunchy Almond Butter

/ Meaty & Fishy

    & finally the one that most well known. We shouldn't hide from fat at all chicken thighs and steak  have great fats in them to help assist our balanced diet! Don't be scared to get fatty with meat just watch your portion control! Mackeral and Salmon are incredible fat sources providing vital omega 3's!

What are your favourite healthy fat sources?

Love Chlo xxxx 

Monday, 6 November 2017

5 Ways to Get Protein Into Your Diet

Protein Smotein! It's blooming everywhere isn't it, saying we should eat more and chug shakes. It fact we only need around 0.8 per body weight in Kg, however I tend to go for 1.3g of protein per Kg of body weight. I think it's really important to find out what works for you, if you're a protein lover like me then great but if you're not then 0.8 is definitely efficient. Depending on your goals will also depends on the amount of protein, if you're active and training lots I'd recommend getting a bit more than 0.8 but that's only on personal opinion! To help make things a little easier for you i've listed 5 ways you can get more Protein into your diet that are different to usual 'eat meat!!!'... with even links to buy the products - coz I luv ya xx

/ Get Some Powder

 Protein Powders are flooding the market at the moment. Below are my top ones:

If you can tolerate normal Whey - My Protein Vanilla 
If you're Vegan - MissFits Nutrition
If you're wanting a Cow alternative - NutriStrength Goats & Sheep Whey

/ Eat it With Every Meal

This is the easiest way to get more protein into your diet. Having it at every meal will give you a great daily overall! Eggs for breakie and a lean meat with lunch or dinner is a great way to do this!

/ Get Topping

  You see this is such a sneaky way of getting more protein into our diets. Top Yoghurt or oat bowls with nuts, seeds or nut butter or jazz up your salad with extra seeds!

/ Snack on Nut Butter

Nuts are a great source of protein but nut butter takes things to a whole new level! I eat it on it's own or add to apple or any yoghurt or oat bowl.. omg the opportunities are endless!

My favourites:

For The Smooth Ride - Mindful Bites
For The Nutella Lover - Pip & Nut Chocolate Hazenut Nut 
For The Big Lover - Pip & Nut Peanut Butter 1kg pot
For The Coconut Lover - Pip & Nut Coconut & Almond
For the Nut Butter Cooker - Pip & Nut Cook Book

/ Choose Plant Based Sources 

 Peas are a great source of protein - 1 love snacking on roasted ones - 9g per serving
 Compliment meals with Quinoa instead of rice - 8g per serving
Chia seeds - I add these to my oats or make my Chia Pudding - 4g per 2tbsp 

where do you get your protein from?

Love chlo xxx 


Thursday, 2 November 2017

5 Tips On Staying Active

It's getting colder and the Christmas stress is creeping up on us so I thought i'd share with you my top tips on how you can stay active!

/ Plan

Plan your week and your workouts/activity. Once it's scheduled in and you've been able to work them in around your every day life. Can you record your favourite programme and catch up later? Or even do a workout during Bake Off? Find what works for you, write it down and that way you could be more likely to stick to it.

/ Grab a Mate 

This is shown everywhere isn't it, but research does suggest workout out with a friend makes us more commited but also push ourselves further! One researcher found that those who exercised with a someone who they thought was better than them increased their workout time and intensity by as much as 200% - jeeeez! 

/ Head to a Class 

Whether it's just so you don't have to think about a workout or want to try something new. Working out in a class enables us to switch off motivation, we just need to show up and do it! Wicked... working in a class could help keep us motivated while being around loads of people too!

/ Watch Out of Distractions

Be mindful about what situations could arise that make you stop being active. Family parties or even every day life stresses can cause us to give up all together. Notice possible distractions or trigger points and then learn to rest and take time out where needed rather than quit - To avoid stopping altogether, plan when you're next able to be active!

/ Invest 

Whether it's your own treadmill to avoid rainy runs that never happen anyway or to help push you really hard in the gym with a PT, investing some money into being active could encourage you to use it - you spent the money on it after all!

How do you stay active?

Love Chlo xxx


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