Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Top Tips / Alcohol

/ Eat First 
Line your stomach with a balance meal which contain a good source of protein, fats & carbs... my go too? Homemade Chicken Burgers...

1x Gluten Free Roll
1x Chicken Breast Cut in Half Grilled with Spices such as Paprika, Salt & Pepper
10g Cheddar
Salad Leaves
Sauce to finish

Personally i'd always opt for something slightly leaner rather than starchy and heavy on your tummy - Think nutrients because Alcohol is going to play a few tricks on your body you don't need to add more by eating processed food.

/ Skip The Sugary Cocktails

Not only are they mega mega high in calories & sugar, the mix of the alcohol can be a recipe for disaster in your stomach and for your hangover the next day.

/ Stay in the Clear 

 A few experimental studies have found that drinks that are darker in colours result in more severe hangovers - best bet? Vodka & Gins. Worst? Espresso Martini.

/ Stay Hydrated

Seems obvious but alcohol dehydrates us so every now and then popping a class of water to keep your hydrated will be essential for looking after your body and for the hangover the next day - bestest bet? Drink vodka & soda then a glass of water - Next Best? Drink a glass of water after every drink - Not the best but not the worst? - Drink at least a pint when you get in and keep one by your bedside - Worst? Waiting till the morning. 

/ Plan the Drunchies 

Ever get starving after a few bevvies? Tactically plan rather than trying to avoid and then cave. At home prepare some food that will satisfy your cravings after a drink - e.g homemade popcorn

- Add Honey or Sweetener
- Add Himalayan Salt (drink more as salt dehydrates)

Or peanut butter on toast.

Try to avoid the late night trip to the kebab shop, I mean you could even take a healthy energy bar/ball in your bag for the end of the night? *guilty*

/ Prepare for a Hangover

& Prepare for the worst. For me, before I head out I place my ibuprofen, a multi vitamin and a huge bottle of water right by my bed for when I roll in - oh & face wipes. I have been known for this to fail when i've come in after a few too many and fallen straight into bed but hey it works 80% of the time!

/ Mix with Diets

Avoid excess calories by mixing with diet drinks like diet coke or even better soda. I often mix soda with a variety of squashes - never juices because of the acid and extra sugar.

Chlo's Suggested Go toos: 

My Usual / Vodka, Lime & Soda
Better / Vodka & Soda
These are fine but I hates these drinks / Gin & Slim Line, Vodka & Diet Coke.
Meh / Sprintzer of white wine - also water with this one too.
When I don't need to be able to handle my hangover - espresso martini 
Death By Alcohol - A Sugary cocktail mix

What are you go toos?

Chlo xxxx

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