Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Top Tips / Hangovers

 Ahh the dreaded hangover - there is no point trying to pretend that we won't be nursing at least one over the festive season. I'm very much a person about what you do most of the time not just some of the time and i'm definitely not here to tell you not to drink or anything at Christmas. However, if I can share with you guys how I cope with a hangover then i'm hoping it may help you too...

Hydrate /
This is probably the most important one - booze dehydrates us and takes the salts out of our body so replenishing this is vital. If drinking water after every alcoholic drink isn't your game (I'll be seeing if I can do this at my xmas do) then drinking a pint of water before bed and as soon as you wake up if vital. Top Tip** Have a dirahlyteto help replenish salts, I live for these and vitamin supplements like VitStix on a hangover! - use CHLOE20 for a discount on VitStix

Eggs / 
Eggs have amino acids which help break down the toxin from alcohol in them so you can see how these apparently help with a hangover. The protein and fats will help stabilise sugar levels too and adding some wholegrain bread will help restore energy levels.

Banana / 
The sugar and energy wont just leave you feeling perkier but so will the high potassium content.

Pop a Pill /
Slip yourself an ibuprofen before you go to sleep to help with the inflammation caused by the booze.

Sleep it off/
 Sleep for me is one of the biggest things that makes a sore head feel worse. Get in a nap or a longer sleep to help restore your body from a heavy night. Don't miss out on hydration opportunities though ... wake up - water - eat - water - back to bed I say.

Get moving/
Be sensible here, im talking a brisk walk rather than a heavy HIIT session. You want to avoid putting your body under more stress but walking will not only help endorphins but I find helps get everything flowing in the right direction again.

Love Chlo xxx
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