Thursday, 14 December 2017

Top Tips / The Xmas Party

Dance / 
Or just move, work the room but try not to stay in sat down all eve. Dancing is not only said to release endorphins but dancing also helps reduce the amount of over indulging and over eating calories. Read: 5 ways to be more active

Eat Protein before you go /
Protein will not only help keep you fuller for longer but also your sugar levels stable to stop the cravings. If you're having a sit down meal not being ravenous will help you not over eat too - as long as you're listening to your body. Read: 5 ways to get more protein in your diet

Drink White Alcohol /
The whiter spirits tend to be lower in calories - worst? Darker drinks e.g red wine, espresso martini, - not the best? For your gut it will be fizzy - best? Vodka fresh lime and soda - Better? Vodka fresh lime and water (the water hydrates you)

Stay hydrated /
Most hangovers are simply because we are dehydrated. Keep drinking water throughout the evening too and always have a pint before you go to bed, one by the side of your bed and one in the morning *top tip, dioralyte is said to help a hangover too. (when I say pint I mean water yeah? )

Dodge the socialising buffet chats /
Save your chats for closer to a table or dance floor away from any unwanted food. I watch a programme about skinny people which showed an experiment of how when we are distracted we eat more.

Stay mindful /
This one is one I always have to end with. Just be mindful of how you're being. It's a lot easier said than done especially after a few drinks but keep remembering how you could feel tomorrow based on your choices today - are you really hungry? Is it time for some water? Read: How I got my Mindset back on track


Do you guys have any other tips for Christmas parties?

Love Chlo xx
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